Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wow. Two changes done. Elder Foutz sent off...what a crazy week!! - Email from 27 Feb 2012

This week has been pretty crazy...don`t know where to start!

So first thing...you may be getting a call in the next week or two from some random person named Kevin Foutz! Elder Foutz ended his mission just yesterday and is now touring a bit of Peru with his family! He`s heading back to the states in about a week I think, and he`s going to Utah for the weekend! I sent him with a DVD of all the pictures and videos I`ve taken since I because a missionary. :) Hope you enjoy it, but more importantly, I hope you get to talk to him! He`s amazing, and because of his example, I am a MUCH better missionary and person. I`ll forever be greatful for him. He worked to the very last day, you couldn`t have guessed that he was going home. I love that man.

As for how I am personally doing mom, I`m great! :) I am learning and growing rapidly here, and I love it! My spanish has drastically improved, I think, and I continue to progress with it. Haha, this week I had Elder Turcios teach me the first lesson in English! It reminded me of the MTC when I couldn`t speak hardly ANY Spanish! Now I understand a little how the teachers have to interpret our attempts. His English is GREAT! Just not the best grammer, which he`s working on. I can now pretty much talk about anything I want. The accent is coming, and I have a lot more to learn, but I`m ok now. :)

Health this last week has been...fun! I think my body is just still adjusting to Peru, that`s all. Nothing like you all have been going through, that`s for sure! I had a bit of a scare thinking that I might have a parasite, I was showing a few symptoms, but that`s all cleared up now. Just two days of running to the toilet. It made for an exciting adventure! Pretty sure everyone goes through it on their mission.

So this week we focused on a few investigators, and tried hard to find new ones. Ours just aren`t progressing. They don`t want to keep their commitments. Elder Foutz said this is the only area that`s been this bad with following through on commitments. It`s kinda weird. They all like to listen, but don`t follow through. Anyway, we tried to find new ones, but not much luck! Many people wouldn`t open their doors. Haha, kinda funny sometimes, we see people outside and they hurry and run inside before we can talk to them! You`d think that we have the plague with us or something...I think they just are afraid, they don`t know what we believe.

As for a new companion...that happens tomorrow!! I`m super excited to meet him, but at the same time I`m sad to leave Elder Turcios. He`s going to train someone else!! I`m finally going to have a brother!! ;) Haha, I know he`ll do great! He`s been an amazing first companion. There aren`t many like him. He`s had a really tough life, yet is so faithful, it`s inspiring.

So this weekend we had our District Conference! President Chipman came down and spoke with Hermana Chipman. They talked a lot about families and strengthening them. His councellors also talked, and one of them was VERY straightforward about the law of chastity. It was incredible! The people here need that though. The law of chastity is one of the most important commandments, yet so many people break it here! It makes for broken families, and makes us really sad. I hope that it did some good, and that the people in the District of Talara will strengthen their families.

One of my experiences this week I don`t think I`ll ever forget...Elder Turcios and I were just walking down the street when we saw an older man sitting alone outside his house. We felt that we should talk to him, so we introduced ourselves and asked if he lived there with his family. He then began to relate how his son just died two months ago, and his wife was really struggling with it, hadn`t been able to do much since. You could literally hear the pain in his voice. He said he had been praying for months and months for his son to live, yet God had `not answered his prayers.` I felt so sad for him. He said he doesn`t believe in God, doesn`t believe in Christ, and that this life was just horrible.

When I heard that, I just felt the strongest desire for him! Here`s a loving father who hoped his son would live, but he didn`t. Now he has to live without him, and is feeling so lost and doesn`t believe in anything. I tried to communicate my desire to help him, and show him that he can have happiness through the gospel, but he just wouldn`t even listen! When he knew we were missionaries, he just shut down. We ended up leaving a pamphlet about the Plan of Salvation. I really hope he reads it and feels the spirit, that he will see his son again.

We had another experience, quite the opposite actually! We had one investigator a while back, Sara, that was SUPER interested in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She told us the first visit she felt the spirit and practically knew it was true. Well, then for a few weeks we couldn`t find her! We found out her mom was sick so we kinda just passed by every once in a while, but never could encounter her. This week, we finally did!

We saw her from down the street, and practically ran to be able to talk to her! Once we got inside, we found out that she`s been in the hospital with her mother this whole time. Her mom was in a coma, and it didn`t look like she was going to make it! She said she prayed almost all night and all day for her mom, and really tried to do everything she could to help. Her mom made it! Sara said that she felt the spirit comforting her then, and now is really devoted to her mom and family. She`s just so grateful for the Lord`s help!

When we heard that, I just felt so happy! I`m so grateful for the Lord`s hand in our lives. She truly felt His love, and I know we all can feel that too. We talked to her about it, and I could tell she just has so much more faith in Him and prayer now. We told her this was a blessing, and we need to stay on the path and serve our Father in Heaven. She was really willing and ready, and I think she`s really committed now to reading the BOM, going to church, and trying to strengthen her testimony. She hasn`t accepted a baptismal date yet, but I know she will. :) She is going to be a great member! We just have to keep going back, and hopefully she`ll recognize an answer from God that this church is true. I think she already knows it, she just needs to keep acting, and things will go great!

So while I`m thinking about it, those pictures I sent are of Elder Turcios, McDonough, and I overlooking Negritos. The one with the plane is actually in my area! It`s a plaza de armas where they just randomly have that plane. No one has been able to tell me why...but I thought it was cool! Also, there`s one of Elder Foutz, the last one I got with his suitcase all ready to go! Also, there`s one of us with a family, that`s a less active family, the family Velez. They`re super nice, and we`re hoping to get them coming to church! So many less actives here...

Well, I have to go. Tomorrow I find out who my new companion is!! Very excited!! I do know that I`ll still be in my same area, and that Elder McDonough and I will continue living together! Way excited about that. He`s awesome, and definitely a life long friend!

Dad, did a Utah Jazz player REALLY win the Dunk Contest??? Incredible. And a broken nose??? Haha, that`s kinda funny!

Jen! I got your letter with the blog post! Very awesome! All the northamericans liked it! It was really cool to read. If you find any other cool mormon stories, or missionary stories...that would be awesome! I love reading of people`s experiences and testimonies. I always feel the spirit when I do. :)

I love you all, and thank you so much for all of the letters! Mom, I got your really spiritual one and wow...thank you so much for sharing that with me!! It makes me just so excited to read your conversion story! Btw, how is that coming along?? Hopefully I`ll get it before next Christmas...:P Haha, I`m just a little anxious!!

Get feeling better everyone!! Love you!!

Elder Schofield

IMPORTANT: Sending Packages to Dallon

Here is the most recent info for sending packages to Dallon:

Just be sure that all packages (not letters. Letters don’t need Elder Stephenson´s name) are sent to the name of Elder Andrew Stephenson as follows:

Elder Andrew Stephenson
Misión Perú Piura
Elder Dallon Schofield Calle Los Naranjos Mz “H” lt. 4
Urb. Los Geranios

Thank you very much. Doing this saves a lot of time for the secretaries and allows you to receive your packages much quicker.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pictures from Feb 20th email

Crazy week...As usual! -- Email from 20 Feb 2012

Woohoo! What a week...So first of all...mom, I don´t have a new companion yet! Haha, sorry to confuse you...Elder Vance and I worked together for a day because Elder Turcois had to go to Lima for Immigrations. The next day we went back to Negritos, and life is normalish again. :) However...next week are changes. :( I´m going to be sad to see Elder Turcios go. He´s been a great ´dad.´

So last week we had our training in Piura, kinda to end the 12 week program we have. It was AMAZING. I felt the spirit so strong the entire time. President Chipman taught us a lot of the time, and I could feel his love for the missionary work so strong. I learned so much from that, it was incredible. One of the things he did was we went through the rule book and just read some certain frases. Basically all of them had to do with staying with your companion at all times. Then he asked what the doctrine was that was behind staying with your companion at all times. Of course, there were a TON of answers, but we finally got it right. ;) Families are eternal. Hmmm...kinda crazy! Staying with a companion all the time shows us how families can be together forever. He talked about how he and his wife still use some of the rules, even when they weren´t in this position. One of them is not riding in the car alone with someone of the opposite sex. Simple rule, yet it protects from a lot of people talking behind their backs. The other thing he pointed out is how as missionaries, the rules really aren´t that different that real life, we´re just living the ´higher law.´ Then he asked what the higher law was. Of course it´s love...and when you realize that, you realize that these aren´t rules at all. We´re not here on earth to follow rules or to just do what Heavenly Father says. We´re here to learn how to love Him. Learn how to spread the love of Christ to all that we come in contact with. That´s what I´m doing as a missionary!

It was really an incredible time to focus on our purpose as missionaries. The other thing we really focused on were the first 5 minutes with a new investigator. Of course those are key, because it establishes expectations. Not only for a new investigator, but for our old investigators! I learned a lot about being straightforward in stating the purpose of why we´re there. In chapter 10 of PMG it has some frases that we´re supposed to say when we meet someone. They really are BOLD! However, it works! When we actually use those bulleted items, the people listen. They want to know more, and they understand that we´re not like the jdubs or the other missionaries here. We´re sent from a prophet of God, and we have the true church of Jesus Christ. It´s really awesome. :)

Another thing we learned about were inspired questions. It´s amazing how as a missionary, you can just feel what kind of a question to ask someone. When you actually ask it, wonders happen. President Chipman told us of when his wife met this man, and she had a prompting to ask him why he had a light in his eyes. The room went silent when she said that, and after about 5 minutes of silence, with the man crying and the spirit touching all, he consented to be baptized. She didn´t know the situation, still doesn´t really, but the Spirit does. The spirit works through us, and it´s simply incredible.

After one day of the training, I got to go out with Elder Petersen! Don´t know if I´ve mentioned him, but he was in my district in the CCM. He´s really great! We went out and really worked hard. It was kinda cool to see how much we had progressed and changed too. He was always one of the best in Spanish, so I was pretty confident with us two just going out, as far as understanding people at least! However...turns out he´s changed. He hasn´t grown as much as I have, and it makes me wonder why. Mainly, he doesn´t have confidence in speaking. He seems to still be testing the waters instead of really diving in. My companion made me dive! It was a good experience to see that I have grown, and that I can grow even more! We tried to apply a lot of the things we had learned it training, and had some success! In five hours, we taught 5 lessons, got 9 new investigators, and taught about 9 short lessons!! It was incredible. We worked hard!

He also made me think a lot about my attitude. The elders in his room aren´t necessarily the most obedient. I went to bed at 1040, which is still 10 minutes later than we should, but they were up until at least 1130 or 12, my companion said. It was tough cause we didn´t eat until 945, but still. Also, they didn´t wake up until about 645, another 15 minutes past when we´re supposed to. So maybe I sound like I´m really uptight about that, but those are two rules I really don´t want to break! I think I´ve seen the effects though, of not having complete obedience. They weren´t as focused, and Elder Petersen isn´t feeling as motivated as I feel. He commented multiple times about how there are 21 months left and his mission seems to be going so SLOW. Not so with me!! I never want to go back...and time is flying by too fast.

After that trip, we came back, and tried to work hard. Unfortunately, our numbers aren´t the best this week, in fact they´re horrible. This week is all on me though...Elder Turcios told me that I have the reigns! We´ll see what happens.

So the picture of pizza is what we made on Saturday! We had a branch activity making pizza and cleaning the church. It was way fun.

The other pictures are of the beach and cave we went to today. It was REALLY beautiful, and a lot of fun!

Mom, I did get your Vday package!! Thank you so much! I´ve already eaten quite a few of the nuts and the candies. :) Good package! Also, the USB is AMAZING! Forgot they made them that big...16 GB should be enough for all of my pictures from my whole mission!! I´m already using it. :)

Oh, mom that´s awesome that you and dad are looking to maybe come down towards the end of my mission!! That would be an incredible experience. I know it would also be very expensive...so don´t stress a ton about it! Elder Foutz´s parents come next weekend to get him! He said if you do it while you´re still a missionary, not released, you can work it out with the mission office in planning your flight home and everything. We´d have to plan like way in advance for that too, but really, I don´t want to think about the end right now. :( Watching him leave makes the two years seem so much smaller...

Well, love you all!!! Sorry this email is kinda small...next week will be bigger! I´ll know if I´m leaving Negritos or not! Probably not...but we´ll see. :) God is the one that´s driving this work, not me or President Chipman.

Love you,
Elder Dallon Schofield

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Man, it must be hot! It rained really hard!

Elder Vance and Elder Schofield

God has prepared me to be HERE. - Email from 2/13/2012

Well hello there parents and family! I just had an amazing experience this weekend that I wanted to share, something that really showed that God has prepared me to be here and know the people I know.

So this week really wasn`t the best week as far as my mission has gone. We didn`t have the best numbers, and I just feel bad, like we could have done better. Really, it`s ok. We went out and tried, and the Lord will magnify our efforts, but our efforts can be better.
We`ll improve.

This week saw a lot of interesting experiences...first of all was the change I had with Elder Vance! He`s really cool. He went to BYU and was in the Men`s choir, he had all of their recordings since like 2002...it was awesome to hear it! He`s really a great missionary, only has about seven months. He`s really shy though...I had to talk a LOT to get into people`s houses! I think that was a great experience for me because I was able to see how much I`ve changed. I`m not scared at all to talk to anyone! More than that, I am actually pretty friendly with them too! Elder Turcious has definitely taught me that. I did learn a lot from Elder Vance about teaching, especially using parables. It was amazing the way he taught just so simply.

Also, if you can`t tell by the picture, it POURED RAIN. I loved it. :) Probably the only time it will happen during my mission.

The rest of the week just flew...Jair, Cindy, and Hna Sulma left for Lima on Wednesday, I was sad to see them go. I REALLY hope Jair is one of those in the `true growth` category that you were talking about dad. I hope that he holds on to the knowledge he has and continues to progress. I`ve got his email, and permission to write, so hopefully I can keep up with him a little bit.

Another really cool thing happened this week...Judy`s husband got a job! She went to church last sunday and he got a job! I have such a strong testimony of church attendance...seeing the blessings all around!

Ok, I honestly can`t think of anything other than what happened yesterday...it was just really intense and I can`t stop thinking about Sandra.

Sandra is the wife of Gustavo, who I`ve talked about before. He`s told us that she`s mentally crazy because of some vision she saw before.
Well...now I don`t believe him, but I think that is what she told him.
I need to just explain what happened...

So we set up this appointment with her on Saturday so we could just get to know her, hopefully use the atonement to help with her mental disability. When we came on Sunday, she received us well, and let us in. We just small talked for a while, about her kids and immediately family. Then the subject just changed a little bit to the outside world, and she talked about how she`s worried for her two little girls, growing up here. Completely normal mother kind of thing. I started to feel the spirit working within me though, telling me there was more behind that than what she was telling us.

After the opening prayer, as usual I began. I started explaining how yes we have a lot of challenges, but we can always choose the right. I talked about how there are a lot of scary people out there, but that if she did what was right, and her daughters too, they could live as an eternal family. Then I talked about the Atonement and how the Saviour understands us (your email, Jen, kinda kicked in right there, I remembered a little about what you had said)

Then I felt the spirit just speak directly to me, telling me to share Mosiah 4:9 with her, obviously one of my favorites! That`s when I got the most calm impression to share some experiences our family has had. I`ve begun to learn to not think, just to act when those kind of promptings come, so that`s what I did.

At this point I was fighting not to cry, but the spirit helped me to move on. I told her that the Atonement was real. Christ was here to help, and He had helped my family. We still face the effects, of course, but we have the hope of a future, and we`ve felt the power here in this life.

That`s when she just unloaded everything that had happened to her...she completely opened up to us. It really reminded me of times that my friends back in the states would just open up and tell me things that really they don`t tell to hardly anyone.

She told us of how she`s one of fourteen kids. Her mother just basically let them fend for themselves. She spoke of how she never had the chance to really tell her mother that she loved her, and she had a lot of regrets in the way she treated her. How she never listened, and never took council from her.

Then she talked of how she used to go clubbing, and everything associated with that. How she met this one guy...and he raped her. She met another guy, and he took advantage of her again. This happened three times before she went to college. Needless to say, she was deathly scared of men. She still doesn`t trust them. Her husband doesn`t know any of this because she can`t trust him. She said she lives in fear all the time, and she feels guilty for what has happened. She thinks it`s her fault that she was attacked in that way.

Now she`s scared for her girls, and what could possibly happen to them in the future.

Now...I was completely shocked by all of this of course. I could really see in her every movement the pain she had felt through all 40 years of her life. How she is still not mentally stable because she never was able to overcome it. She never knew to put her trust in Christ, and has never done that. I could almost feel the pain coming from her eyes as she looked to us, almost pleading for help.

Honestly...I didn`t know how to react. I felt so happy that she had confidence in us, in MEN, to tell us what happened. At the same time, I felt the weight of what had happened in her past, and knew that I have the responsibility as a missionary to lead her to do what is right, to get rid of this difficult burden.

All I could really do was bear my testimony. I talked about how yes, this still effects us. This still is something we have to deal with because it`s life. However, I talked about how the Atonement works. How He understands EXACTLY what she feels. She has a testimony of that, but I don`t think she`s known how to use that testimony. I told her that this is a process, but we were here as messengers from God to help her. That`s all we really could tell her at that time. I left 2 Nefi 9 for her to read.

I still feel just emotionally shocked by that experience...at the same time, hopeful. We`ve been through a lot. Each one of us has reacted differently to what happened. Each of us have had different feelings, and different ways of handling it. However, I know that I was sent here to find Sandra. I really really really hope that somehow my limited experience, and what I`ve seen our family do, will help her to turn her life around, to having true happiness. Jen, I don`t know how you knew to sent that email last week. It stuck with me, and I tried to teach the Atonement in a more applicable way this week, which prepared me for Sandra. Thank you.

I hope you all know that I love you. I`m so impressed with the way that we`re still all very close as a family and grow closer as trials fall upon us. I hope no one is upset that I`m sharing that...but after the lesson I thought, if God has put me in these situations, it was for a reason. I shouldn`t hold back a single experience that I have had, or that I have learned from. I`m going to take that approach from now on...of course limiting who I share what with, but I know that we are given experiences to help others.

Love you all! I look forward to every letter and package! Speaking of which...got the Valentine`s!!! That was an awesome package mom. :) Thank you so much!

Oh, and Happy Valentine`s Day!!!
Elder Dallon Schofield

Monday, February 6, 2012

A crazy fast week . . . . Email from 6 Feb 2012

Is it just me or are the weeks turning into days? Yesterday Elder McDonough told me that it was the 4 month mark...that means I´m 1/6 of the way through!! :( It kinda makes me sad...I haven´t done nearly as much as I´d like to do in 1/6 of a mission. I just love the missionary life too much, I guess!

Thanks so much for sending the package mom! :) I´ll sure look forward to getting it! As far as the other one, don´t worry too much about it...we honestly have everything we need, and I´m sure the Valentine´s package will be great. :) Oh! And as far as companions going home and stuff...Elder Foutz will be at BYU next summer! I already have told him that you´d most likely be more than happy to have him for Sunday dinner sometime. He´s living with us right now, Las Vegas boy, and he is really an amazing guy! I think I´ve told you about him already though. ;)

So this week was so quick I don´t even know what we did! We really tried to focus on the existing investigators we have, trying to get them to progress and come to church. Unfortunately...we only ended up having Judy come, but that´s a HUGE step for her. I think if she continues to come, she´ll do great. She´s the one that has to get married still, her husband Jerson is out of work and with marriages costing 300 soles, it´s tough. However, we have seen drastic changes in her, especially the last week. She just has more desire to learn and be a part of the church. We had one really good lesson with her where I felt the spirit witness to me that if she kept the commandments that she could right now, (like read the BOM, go to church, pray, etc) that Heavenly Father would provide the way for her to get married. Unfortunately...she didn´t follow my counsel to her! She hasn´t read or prayed. I told her again this past Sunday and pretty much just said ´look: the Lord is promising you something here. I´m not just saying it, and it´s written all over the BOM that if we do what He says, we´ll be blessed.´ I think she listened :)

The other thing that we´ve been successful at this week is finding families! I´ve really been trying to focus on following the spirit in finding new investigators, and this week it paid off! Elder Turcious has pretty much knocked every door by this point, so he´s letting me lead a lot of the time now. We were walking down this street and I got the feeling we should go knock near the church. We set off, and knocked two doors. Two doors that were slammed in our faces! Very unusual for this area too...usually the people are nice. We both wanted to turn back, but I just had this feeling...so we knocked one more. That´s when we met Luis and Marice. They talked to missionaries years back, but the missionaries were pulled out before they could really progress. They don´t remember much, but the lesson was really amazing! I think we have a real chance with them. Another really cool thing is that they have 3 boys! More priesthood!! It really was a witness to me that God is preparing people, and guiding us as missionaries.

The second family we found is Santiago and his wife Maurcia (I think!). They´re REALLY studious with their Bible, and they know a lot! We´ve shared quite a bit, and they told us they are understanding the Bible better than ever before! Can´t wait until the BOM is in their hands! ;) We´ve only had one lesson with them, but they´re great! Haha, oh...I also got to be humbled a little bit by them. :/ So they asked if we believed in the Virgin Maria, or the mother of Christ as someone more than she really was-very common question. Of course we told them that we believe she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus, but nothing more. Then they said that some people believe that she had kids, which of course is blasphemy or something like that. That´s when I was dumb and said, well Jesus did have brothers, so Mary did have other kids! I couldn´t remember the reference, but told them I´d come back with it.

Well...after research, Jesus did have brothers! Matt 13:55 says so. However...I read in Jesus the Christ that we don´t know for sure if Mary actually had them. Turns out that Joseph had an older brother that died, therefore he married the wife of his brother. He probably had kids with this second wife, so Jesus would have brothers, but not necessarily Mary´s children. We just don´t know! Anyway...kind of a cool little random fact. ;) learn something new every day! Now I just get to go explain to them what I found out.

It really does seem like I´m learning new things every day. This week I had an interview with President Chipman. We talked for a little while and then said the closing prayer. During the prayer, he kinda paused for a while...then after it was over he promised me something that I´ll never forget. He said that right now I was learning more to listen to the spirit. He also said that if I work hard every day of my mission, I would go home with a greater knowledge of how to listen to the spirit than before, and this would bless me the rest of my life. When he said that, I could just feel the spirit so strong. I know that Heavenly Father has some challenges in front of me, and if I don´t know how to listen and follow even the subtlest of promptings, I may miss out on something. It really was a great moment, and I´m really happy I had the opportunity to talk with President.

So this week I took the time to read the stories of our family history! In two days it´s the 110th anniversary of the death of Archibald Gardner! Kinda crazy! I really loved his story, to think that I come from him and all the amazing things he did. We truly come from a hard working family, with the Gardners and the Shaws behind us. The other story I really liked was the one you gave me mom, about the oranges. It was really cool that she could hear that knocking when no one else could...I know that must have been the spirit telling her to look. I had to share it with Elders McDonough and Foutz, they really liked it too!

Another crazy thing is happening this week...Elder Turcious is heading off to Lima! He has to do some stuff at Immigrations, that I did in the Lima MTC. That means I get to go to Piura and work with a different elder for a day or two. It´s going to be really weird! That´s why we´re writing right now, because we have to head off in a few hours. I´m kinda jealous because he´ll most likely get to go through the temple while he´s there! I miss the temple.

That reminds me of a conversation we had this week...one of Elder Turcious´s converts asked if she should date someone that wasn´t a member! We got to show her the harsh reality that if she didn´t marry someone in the temple, she won´t be sealed to him. She kinda took it hard, but hey, that´s how it is!

Crazy to hear about the superbowl! Who won? Did the 49ers really make it this year mom?? That´s a miracle in itself!! I didn´t know my serving a mission would bless that many people. ;)

Sorry I don´t have any photos this week...we´re too busy to really take any, running around and everything.

Hmm...I honestly can´t remember all of what I have and haven´t told you! The weeks blend too much. I don´t know if I´ve told you much about our new pensionista, but she is awesome! We have such good food...my favorite is her hamburgers! She uses rolls for the bread, normal meat, but she puts eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, ketsup, and mayo on it. It´s really good! Also, occassionaly she puts aji on it. That´s some kind of hot stuff that I LOVE. I hope we can find it in the states when I get back. She´s also really good at making this kind of chicken salsa thing. It´s really thick with potatoes and the aji in it. It´s got the perfect amount of spice, and definitely one of my favorites!

Another thing we have all the time here is soda! I´m really actually getting sick of it...Elder Foutz is excited because he says none of the pensionistas will give it to you, but me, I´d really rather have Mango juice, soya, chicha morada, or something else. But anyways...

Oh! Mom, how goes your conversion story?? I really can´t wait to read that!! It sounds like you´ve spent quite a bit of time on it so far...which is awesome! I´m sure it will be something I´ll treasure for many years. :)

Well, I love you all! Thank you for all of your prayers and support!!

Elder Dallon Schofield