Monday, March 26, 2012

TWO Baptisms!!!

Well hello there family and friends!

We had a baptism this week!! It was pretty incredible...this lady, Doraliza Palacios Bobbio, was just ready to be baptized.

We met her only a week ago, but she accepted a baptismal date and was baptised 8 days after we met her! She´s already read through 1 Nefi, and has re read the pamphlets we´ve given here! She truly is devoted, and very strong already in her belief. It was amazing to see how quickly she changed and grew. She´s 76 years old too! Isn´t that incredible? Really, this week has been pretty much incredible. I didn´t expect her to be baptised so quickly, honestly.

When we meet old people, they´re usually set in their ways and don´t want to change. Not Doraliza. She has had some problems with her immediately family and was looking for something, and she found it in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I can now really bare my testimony that the Lord is preparing people. They´re out there, and we just need to find them.

We also were able to take part in the baptism of little Katia Marisosa. Elder McDonough was able to baptise her. She just barely turned 8, and was definitely ready to be baptised as well. It really was an incredible fast Sunday for all of us. I couldn´t have asked for a better ending to a week.

Another success was our branch council meeting this past week! We were able to actually get some planning done, which I was really greatful for. I´m hoping that we can continue to have good meetings and that we can have great activities. As a result of this past meeting, the members were able to visit three of our investigators, including Hermana Doraliza! I really believe that that visit helped her to be ready for her baptism. She was really happy the day after the visit.

As far as the elders here in Negritos...things have been kinda tough! Last Sunday, as I told you, Elder Ramirez, McDonough, and Yupa all got sick. We found out it was some cheese that had been bad in the lunch we had. I don´t understand how I missed out on it, although I am very greatful! The rest of the week went fine until today. I don´t know what happened to him...but Elder McDonough became dilusional and couldn´t really hear or see well. He just got really sick, so we sent him off to Piura. He should be on his way right now, hopefully to see a doctor and get better. It was tough trying to get shoes on him because he kept fighting and didn´t know what was going on! I really hope that he gets better. All I can really do is hope and pray for him.

Not really much has happened in this I´m running out of things to say!

Haha! Oh! One crazy thing did happen...I finished my first journal! I wrote the last entry just yesterday. Definitely the first time I have kept a good journal, and it is full of my mission. Kinda crazy how fast it is going! Today I have to buy another one. Oh! Also, I got the package from Sam this past week! Thank you SO much for the CD´s and the food! I love the CD´s. :) They have some pretty amazing songs on them!

Another random thing, people have been asking in letters when my address will change or what address to send things too...I am going to have the same address my entire mission, so no worries there. :) It´s the mission office and they send the letters to our ZL´s every week, so that we can get them that way. It´s a lot easier and quicker, since the mail system isn´t the greatest here in Peru.

Well, I hope all is well with you! Remember that I love you all, and am praying for you! Keep up the mail! I can´t get enough of it. ;) I promise I will reply to everything I get, and I´ve done a pretty good job of that so far, I think! Just remember it takes over a month for things to get there...

Love you all!
Elder Schofield

**Mom's note... Dallon told us before his mission that he did not think he would ever fill a journal :) It's nice to hear he's not only doing that, but done that. Thanks to all of you who are writing Dallon. He has repeatedly expressed his gratitude for the letters e is receiving :)

The photo of Dallon in "civi" clothes with the very small guy is him with his current companion . The baptisms and a beautiful beachy equator sunset :)

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