Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to Find People to Teach . . . email from 19 Aug 2013

So...this week has been very crazy for me! A lot has happened, yet I feel that the time has gone by so very quickly!!

This week began with a typical Peruvian FHE. Haha, have I mentioned that the Peruvians aren`t very punctual? Well...on Monday we had an FHE that was supposed to begin at 8 o`clock. We had told them that we were going to have to leave at 9 because we had a meeting scheduled with President Rowley. Of course, they assured us that they would be there on time and that there wouldn`t be any problems. Well...when 8:30 rolled around and NO ONE WAS THERE! I was getting kind of antsy, and told my companion that we would have to begin in 15 minutes, even if it was just with the three people that had gotten there.

Well, in the end we ended up beginning at 8:50! We taught a VERY quick 10 minute lesson, and then had to tell everyone goodbye! I felt bad because they had invited friends and less actives, but there really was absolutely no way that we could stay any longer. President was waiting for us, and we even got there 20 minutes late...anyway, that was the beginning of my week. :)

Tuesday was honestly really hard for me. We had Leadership Council meeting where all of the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders get together and we discuss what`s going on in the mission and President Rowley and the assistants do some training. It was hard for me because honestly when I look around the room I wonder if I really belong where I am. It`s hard to feel like I really am Assistant. Also, the practice that we did just didn`t seem to come out the way that we wanted it too. It turned out fine, and a lot of Zone Leaders told me later that the meeting really helped them a lot in their zones, but it was just a bit hard for me. Live and learn, I guess. :)

After the Zone Council meeting, Elder Muralles and I saw a miracle occur! President had talked to us about talking WITH the people, instead of talking AT them. A lot of us have been talking about religion first thing, without really getting to know the people. President told us that needs to stop, and invited us to talk with the people, get to know who they are, and then teach something short. Well, on Tuesday night we did just that! The most wonderful part was that the people we talked with opened up a ton! We had two new investigators!!! It was really cool, and I knew that President had received that revelation for the mission.

During the week we had a blast with two work visits! I had the opportunity to be with Elder Kener, who is from Idaho! He`s from my group so it was really great catching up with him. We`ve never been in the same zone together, so there`s a lot to talk about! He`s really an amazing elder. Very dedicated. I`m very glad to have been able to work with him because I can tell that he is an amazing leader. He`s had some tough companions to work with, but has always found a way to have success.

In the visit with Elder Kener we saw a few miracles! First of all, I had the impression that we needed to go to a certain part of our area, called `La Alborada.` We got there and were looking for some members to visit and also trying to talk with everyone again. Haha, it was kind of funny because we ran into a guy that was really into longboarding, surfing, and other extreme sports. We spent a few minutes talking to him about that and his life. He seems super energetic and fun, but needs a lot of help to put his life in order!

After that, we headed off down the street. We passed one man that was looking down and we said hi to him. He then looks up and then calls out to us! He asked us where our church was located and what times we meet at. He said that he was passing through some tough times and wanted to.go to church. We took down his phone number and made an appointment for the next day in our church building.

Unfortunately, I wasn`t able to be there when Hugo got to the church because we had a work visit, but Elder Muralles told me that it was an AMAZING lesson! He started crying as they explained the Atonement and told him that everything would turn out fine. :) Elder Muralles then invited him to the baptism that the sisters were going to have the next day, and he said yes! He even came the next day and just loved how everyone seemed to be in family!

It really was a miracle that we found Hugo. I know that God put us there in the right place at the right time so that he could come to know the true church. It really was incredible. :)

The other part of this week was the work visit with Elder Barreno! Man, is he an incredible missionary! I don`t know many other missionaries that are that focused in on the work! It really was a pleasure to work with him, especially because there is a possibility that he could be my next and last companion! We`ll see what happens.

This change has been incredible with Elder Muralles. We`ve been able to be super honest with each other. At times, I feel like I have been very direct with him. I try very hard to have good companionship inventories. I have looked for the good in him, and have been able to identify what is bothering him. He doesn`t have self confidence. In fact, he is constantly belittling himself, which really makes me sad! He`s an amazing missionary! That`s why he was called as Assistant! However, he just doesn`t have that self confidence that he needs. Hopefully this week I can help him with that. I`ve been trying to do it, but this week we have the goal to write 3 things in our journal that we`ve done well every day. Hopefully that helps. :)

Well...love you all! I hope that you all know how much I love this work. As time winds down, I am sad. I really love being here. Yes, it is INCREDIBLY hot. The work is the hardest thing I`ve ever done in my life, and there are a lot of stresses involved. However, I wouldn`t trade it for the world. Missionary work is the work of salvation. People are saved!! That brings a joy to my heart like none other. I hope to continue working and never stop until the day I die!!

Love you all! Have fun this week!!
Elder Schofield

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