Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here is Dallon's email from 3 November 2011:

Ok, so now that I´m sort of adjusted, I can write a real email to you. :) This has been such an amazing experience, and I don´t even know where to start. The MTC here is a lot different from Provo, and I like most of the differences. The MTC president, President Cavanaugh, is only temporary because the last MTC president died about a month ago. :( He felt sick and went to the hospital, a week later he died. Very sad, but I love Pres. Cavanaugh.

Spanish has been coming very rapidly here! Talking with my latino companion is so great, and we´ve taught two lessons together so far. He is such a great guy! He learned English from Star Wars, which I think is pretty awesome, and he knows Bob Marly and many other songs. His favorite phrase is "don´t worry, be happy," especailly when I´m trying to understand something difficult in Spanish that he´s saying. He is definitely a blessing in these first 3 weeks here.

The food here has been the best. They have a catering company and it is just to die for. We have the most amazing bread every day, and it makes me sad that we can only take two small little rolls, because it is so delicious! I´ve only had one thing that wasn´t good-it was kind of an apple sauce thing, but it was chunky apples with a sauce inside. The sauce was...well...let´s just say it had the consistancy and taste of cow slober. It was disgusting. The apples were amazing! The sauce...not so much. One of the rules here is that you have to eat everything on your plate, so that was a long dinner for me ;) The other food has been amazing! Rice with everything, but eggs, roast beef, chicken, soups, it´s all been really good. They also have some sort of fruit drink with everything! My favorite so far is the watermelon juice. :) very delicious!

We've had some pretty awesome experiences here. One of the elders decided to go home...which was really sad, but we had a testimony meeting after he ended up leaving, called by Zone President Littell (my old comp) that was just amazing. I got up and talked about how mom has always told me about her missionaries, and how I've learned more and more about the worth of souls while I've been out here. I can't even tell you how much love I feel as a missionary. For all of you at home, for my companions, and for the people of Peru. They are so funny, I love their little manarisms!

Well, I don't have much time! Keep the letters/emails coming! I love hearing from all of you, it makes my week amazing!! I'm glad Greg included a little about the NBA lockout and the Aggie football status...can't say I'm suprised by it. If I could give you one piece of advice this would be it: pray before EVERYTHING! I mean everything. I say a prayer almost every half hour, and I know that Heavenly Father has been blessing me with his Spirit constantly. Everyone can have this feeling of the Spirit with them constantly. He wants to give it to us, we have only to ask.

Oh, another rule here is pictures only on P-days, so I won't have many pictures from here, so don't think I'm slacking mom. ;) they'll come eventually! Love you all!

Elder Schofield

P.S. You think Americans have a hard time with our name? It takes Latinos like 5 minutes to even try our name...kinda funny. :)

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  1. Saundra and I have no clue how to send pouch mail. Can you give us some instructions for the postally inept?