Thursday, October 27, 2011

I'm Here!!!


So many things are different here! It´s really different, and this keyboard is actually really hard to type on as well because there are various buttons that just aren´t on a normal computer!
So the plane ride was very uneventful, and I ended up sitting next to missionaries so I didn´t really have a chance to talk to any Peruvians, which was probably a good thing because I bet they would have gone off in Spanish and I wouldn´t have understood anything! However, it was a good opportunity for me to study the scriptures and prepare for landing. I really appreciated all the food and letters that you had sent me!
Oh! That reminds me, before I forget, the MTC here said no packages, and they would really prefer that you send pouch mail. That´s because you have to pay customs in order to have packages come here and it just doesn´t work well. Maybe when I get out to Piura, but for now it´s probably just best to email me, and anyone is actually allowed to email me at this MTC! They also asked that you don´t send letters starting the fourth week of my stay here. They said you can just send them to my Piura address. I´m not sure if you have that or not, I have it somewhere but not with me, but I´ll try to email it to you next time regardless.
This is definitely going to be a tough learning experience! They hardly speak any English, and my companion, Elder Moreño, doesn´t speak hardly any english. The only times I´ve seen him was when we got to the MTC at 2 am, when he woke me up at about 8, and when we had lunch together. We were pointing at food and trying to translate the words for them for each other, it´s difficult. He is from Chile, and I know that because it said so on my papers I got when I arrived. :) I´ll learn to speak more Spanish, and I do know quite a bit, but we haven´t really had opportunities to talk yet.
I haven´t seen any dogs with fruit around their necks, but when I do I´ll let you know! The MTC here is way nicer than at the Provo MTC! The rooms are a lot nicer, as well as all of the buildings. Lunch was delicious, but another rule was that they had to take all of my food away. :( so now I just have what they´re feeding me, which is fine, I don´t want to get fat! My mind right now is just spinning around and around, it doesn´t seem like that different of a country, just like a humid Phoenix really. Sorry my letter just really doesn´t make sense, I can´t seem to make any sense of what´s going on right now anyway.
All is well, I´m safe, happy, and well fed. My companion and I are going to get along great, he seems super nice, and I´m excited to explore a little more of Lima! We can actually go outside on P days here. Spanish is coming slow...but I know that as I get more into things I´ll find I know a lot more than I think. The MTC here will be a lot better for me I think. It will give me room to breath, as well as challenge me. If I had stayed at Provo, I definitely wouldn´t have progressed as fast. Heavenly Father definitely knows the best way for me to learn and progress.
Along with the challenge of Spanish, the MTC president here has some strict rules and tough goals for us. One of these is to read the BOM every 3 weeks. The problem with that is we can only read during our off time, when we have nothing to do. This literally means we have maybe one hour each day to read almost 30 pages. It will be challenging, but I know that I´ll be blessed for that. We are also supposed to read 2 to 3 pages in the Missionary Handbook each day, which is fairly easy to do. I hope that I can follow all the rules here like at Provo, and make sure that I can focus during all my study time. It´s already been a challenge here. We´ve had from 1 to 6 to just do whatever we want! I don´t like that. Too much time to think, too much of an opportunity to be lazy. The two other companions in my room slept through our email time, so right now we are using teacher´s computers in order to email. Well I should probably go. I love you all! Sorry this email is so confusing, random, and scrambled. That´s kind of how I feel right now. Being out of the country is definitely a new experience!
Con amor,
Elder Schofield

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE- Dallon explained that we should email him the email address is

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