Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My First Post

Hey everyone!!

This is actually Dallon, making the first post of hopefully many, depending on how much of a blogger my mom becomes!! Haha, I'm sure that she will be a very devoted blogger once she figures it out. She truly is the best mom in the world, one that I am honored to have been raised by.

This day has kind of been surreal. Mom and I have spent all day together, at school doing ar
t and P.E., at Thanksgiving Point, and even at Costco. Man, I am going to miss Costco in Peru. Pretty much an amazing store! I'm really excited to be going, it really doesn't seem real yet. I'm sure once I walk through the doors of the MTC alone it will feel real then.

I hope all of you know how much I love each and every one of you! This is an adventure I've been preparing for all my life. Please write me as much as you can! I know that letters will provide me with the strength I need with all of the challenges I'm going to face.

If you need my address at any time, please feel free to check my Facebook page, call/email my parents, and hopefully it will be updated here frequently as well!

My mom wanted me to include some pictures, so here are some of me in my missionary suit!!

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  1. Great blog so far - can't wait to see more posts...Dallon will be getting a post card from us in the mail very soon! Maybe a few...