Thursday, October 27, 2011

One Last View from home...

Dallon left for Peru this past Wednesday, October 26th. We had a call from him while he was at the airport. He couldn't have been flying any higher if he had actually been on the 747 on his way to Dallas.

His Provo MTC companion, Elder Littel traveled with him to the Lima, Peru MTC. They were the only two Elders from their district to head out on that flight. Two others will travel to Lima later.

Dallon has really enjoyed him as a companion! We feel blessed that Dallon got a great person and very hard worker for his first comp. Their teacher Hermano Hopkins said these two were the best and brightest in the district :)

Dallon's MTC District-

From Left to right-

Elder Mullenbach, Miller,Agrem, Cowdin (shorter one), Hutchinson, Bracanonte, Jarman (taller behin Brac), Littel, Dallon, Cook and Hanes.

This Photo- Left to Right- Dallon, Elder Littel, Elder Cook and Elder Jarman.

These are the four Elders from the district who are going to Peru. Missionaries are trained in districts according to the language they are learning. The Elders from Dallon's district are going to places as varied as Florida, Arizona, Peru and many others.

Dallon's Last letter from the Provo MTC-

"WOW! My last p-day at the Provo MTC is here already! It's so crazy!!! My companion and I are way excited to be leaving!! It's going to be an incredible adventure!!!

I've made so many friends while I've been here, and I am going to miss them. My district has had a lot of fun times.

Tuesday was so incredible!! Richard G Scott came and talked to us! He shared some amazing council. One of the things he said that I liked was that we need to seek prayer in an unhurried manner. I've tried to do that the past week and I have definitely seen a difference.

Being here has been such an incredible experience. Yesterday, we taught two lessons about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration to our investigators, Fabriccio (Hermano Hopkin) and Mario (Hermano Farnsworth). We spoke in Spanish the ENTIRE time. Yo se que dros ha bendizir con de don de lengues. It's just incredible to feel that blessing.

One of the great guys here is Elder Doolhoff. He is an amazing Elder. Can't tell you how many times he came and talked to me when I was having a bad night or something. He really welcomed us to the MTC. Elder Gerber, his companion, is very fun. They are both going to the Phoenix Spanish Speaking Mission. Elder Cowdon is our District Leader and he is an amazing Elder. He has a strong spirit and helps us all. His comp, Elder Hanes, provides entertainment and excitement to everything. I'll miss him!

The MTC has been great so far. I'm really trying to establish habits that will last through my mission. It seems like we never have enough time to study but I'm working hard at it. My companion and I were able to speak with a teacher last night, and he gave us some pointers to help us study. I'm excited to try some of them!

One last spiritual thought, because it hit me so HARD when I heard it. Matthew 16:26 "For what is a man profiteth if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?" When I read that, I thought of what the whole world entails. Think about it, God created the world, the trees, animals, shrubs, terrain, etc. The technology, the money, the houses, all of it! That's "the whole world." But ONE soul is worth more than all of that. I've really tried to apply that to my purpose as a missionary. Every companion, investigator, and person on the street is worth more than "the whole world!" I can't remember who said it but a quote comes to mind. "Be careful who you step over in the street. You may be stepping over a king." I know that Heavenly Father loves every single one of us. He wants us to be happy and to realize how much more important our eternal salvation is worth compared to our lives here on earth. I'm excited to be able to go out and really affect others with the spirit that He has blessed me with. I know that He will show me how much He loves his children.

I hope everyone that reads this knows how much you mean to me. Each of you have had a lasting effect on me and I know that you are worth more than "the whole world." Never forget that! Family, friends, acquaintences, and even those I haven't met yet - you are loved. You are worth more than we can ever realize while we are one the earth. I pray for you all every night. Know that our Heavenly Father loves you as well.

I hope all is safe and well at home. Wish everyone luck and please make sure they read this because I was thinking each one of you in connection to this. I love you all!

Quiero ustedas,


***Note from Mom... a letter will take 3-6 weeks to get to Dallon. A package approx 8-10 weeks- DON'T Forget to write him ;D

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  1. Hope he got the 2 post cards I sent from Disneyland. And I sent a post card via the pouch - guess it'll take a while to get to him...