Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July? Whyt Didn't I Get the Message? - email from 9 July 2012

So it happened like this: we come home after a great day and finish our planning. I then turn the next page in my journal to begin writing, completely exhausted and wanting to be sleeping already. Then I realize...wait...today was the 4th of July. Isn`t that some kind of holiday or something? OH YA! Haha, that`s what the mission life is. :) you forget the things like that when you really focus on other things. I think the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays! As a family we`d always be a little more relaxed during that day, and I`d always remember the thousands of men that sacrificed their lives for us to have freedom in the states. Now I think April 6, 1830 means a ton more to me than the whole year of 1776. If you don`t know what happened on the 6th of April, check it out. ;)
So this week seemed to be pretty good for us! We worked hard, which is really what matters. We`re trying as hard as we can to find more people to teach. More people that have been prepared by God to receive our message and that are willing to do what it takes to know the truth for themselves. We have had some great lessons where I really did feel the spirit witness to me that this person was ready. However, we haven`t seen the fruits yet. The people are caught up in the `race of life` as president Monson said in this last General Conference. We`re working hard to try to help them to see that there`s more to life than the reality competition show of `Combate` or the Peruvian version of American Idol, `Yo Soy.` Haha, just kidding...they know there`s more to life than that, they just need to make God the priority.

So our new Mission President came this week! I`m trying to send pics but this computer is acting funny. Anyway, President Rowley is from Santaquin Utah! Yep, that far away!! Haha, he seemed kinda shell shocked, but ready and willing to go to work. :) Every new missionary has to go through the initial stages of getting used to what the work is like, but I could see and feel their spirits, and I know he`s going to be an amazing mission president for me.

Wow...my time is already gone! Sorry this email is incredibly short. I got caught up in the news of the week...Prego Jen...Chelsey with the dawg ...ahh! I love you all! Next week will be a better letter, promise!

Elder SChofield

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