Monday, August 6, 2012

Another week in Sechura - email from 6 Aug 2012

Well hello family and friends! How is everything going there in the United States? Kinda weird to think that this week I have reached 10 months in the mission! I can hardly believe it!

So this week we worked pretty hard. On Tuesday, we had a really great lesson with Hermana Ana BerrĂ¹ and her sister, Nelly. They are so READY for baptism! Both of them say that if they get an answer, they will be baptised. They both also understand the lessons so quickly, it`s really amazing! Hermana Ana knows four or five members, and she`s already establishing friendships with President Bazalar and everyone else. She`s read all the way through 1 Nephi already! I know that God is going to answer her prayers, and soon, because she really is the best investigator that I`ve had so far. Hermana Nelly is also really great. She does have one challenge with a member...they just don`t get along that great. Oh well, that`s how life goes...

Wensday (i can`t remember if that`s right...) the 1st of August was a `very sunny day.` (Subtle enough Tosha?) Haha, we had our District meeting and I got letters! Thanks again mom for doing the things. It`s really cool to be able to read them all over again. They really pick me up when I`m down.

We also had companion exchanges on Wednesday (still can`t remember...) and I went with Elder Sierra. It was quite an experience! He really struggles with reading. He just can`t read very well! During companionship study, we ended up talking more than reading, which really was a great change actually! Because of his debilidad he is just super humble! I was really astounded at the way he could share his testimony with the people. In one of the lessons we had together, I could literally just feel the power of his spirit as he bore testimony that our Saviour lives and that through the Atonement and the gospel everything could be fixed in this man`s life. It truly was incredible, and made me think a lot about the way that I need to testify of our Lord and Saviour.

The rest of the week seemed to pretty much fly by. On Thursday we had a very interesting lesson with Claudia. We taught her about the Apostacy again, and I felt that I needed to be SUPER direct...well, I was. I told her about Constantine, about how the Catholic church changed doctrines, the bible, William Tynsdale, and the protestants. She was in shock. I don`t think she had ever heard that the Bible had been changed at all. They`re all just so innocent, and follow their leaders blindly...I really hope that she will pray to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that she will have real intent. She has a very strong testimony that her saints are real...which really makes me sad. A 14 year old girl is worshipping idols because her parents told her too. It really isn`t her fault at all...I hope that things will work out with her. mind is super scatterbrained right now. I didn`t write very much in my journal this week, and I haven`t spoken english for more than a month. I think I`m forgetting it! Oh well...someone will have to teach me when I get back!

Love you all!
Elder Schofield

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