Monday, October 8, 2012

General Conference! - email from October 8, 2012

What an amazing week, right?? I really practically jumped for joy when President Monson spoke! 18 years old! 19 years old!!! Bring on the sister missionaries! They`re going to change the world. Then...AREQUIPA, PERU!!!! THREE TEMPLES IN PERU!!! Many of you probably were more excited about Tucson...ya, well, Arequipa is better! :P Haha, but it was pretty exciting, to say the least.

Conference for me was a VERY spirit filled experience. I received so much personal revelation it was insane. For instance, I felt from the beginning that I was watching at the same time as Mom and Dad, and turns out that was true! I also felt during many times that a message was directed for one of my sisters or family members. It really was a spirit filled weekend, one I wouldn`t change for the world.

Wow. I think they put a bit of pressure on us! `Ask the missionaries! They can help!` Haha, but`s true. As I sat there and looked around the stake center at the 20 missionaries...I thought, it`s true. If I had a question, I could go to any one of them. They are blessed with the gifts that only God can give. I have seen that in action in my companions, zone leaders, district leaders, assistants, and many others. It`s incredible to think that maybe, just maybe, I can be counted in with them. It truly is an honor to be a part of the Lord`s force to go out there and help people discover for themselves the truths that have been hid for thousands of years. Do you know how incredible that is? Well, I love it!

This past week in Pampa Grande was awesome! As many of you know, on Friday I completed one year in the mission! It was a great day! First of all, in the afternoon we had some great lessons. I`d like to tell you what an amazing companion I have, and how I really saw the spirit work through him.

So, we were teaching Monica, who told us up front that she is never at home, so we can`t really schedule visits. I could tell she was just being honest, but that she really wanted to learn. So, we began teaching the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. She had a TON of questions! For most of them, I had to tell her that we simply didn`t have time to explain all of the doctrine, but that we would give her something that truly could answer each and every one of her questions. She was interested at that point!

We then explained the Book of Mormon and how it can answer any questions. She accepted it, but then she had a question about why even the best people can fall. She was saying that she listened to tons of different missionaries from other religions, and she wanted an answer to this one. She said she couldn`t really trust any church because she always read in the news about how a bishop and violated a follower or that a church leader was using drugs, etc. She wondered why the best fell. She said everyone just told her that Satan was in it, and that she should be fine with that answer, but she wanted more.

The spirit really had been strong that whole lesson, but when she posed that question, I simply did not know how to respond. So, instead of saying anything, I waited for Elder Panduro. He began by saying, `Hermana, you know how Jesus Christ had His 12 apostles, but one of them betrayed Him...` At that point, I think all of us felt the spirit strong. She interrupted him, with a new light in her eyes, and said, `OH...` like he had answered her question in a very direct manner.

Later, my companion told me he had no idea how to answer the question, but the words just seemed to come out. I know that the Holy Ghost answered her question through my companion. It was an incredible experience that really taught me that we are just instruments in God`s hands. He will be the one teaching them, not us. I am so grateful to be in this position. Although Monica is VERY busy, and we may not get to really follow up with her, I felt the spirit whisper to me that she will be baptised. She is going to be converted through reading the Book of Mormon. I know that book can have a powerful effect in the lives of all people. I will continue to share and bear testimony in every opportunity I have.

Another really cool thing happened Friday! My pensionista made me a cake!! It was HUGE! I was very suprised. :) They took pictures with their camera, but I haven`t had a chance to copy them yet. :) Anyway, it was such an amazing thing because with four little girls I know that they don`t have a lot of money, and they really don`t know me that well yet! Haha, it was funny cause they wrote my name SCOTTFIELD. But hey, close enough, right? It was super delicious and made for a very memorable year in the mission.

Today we got to clean the apartment again, yay!! I finally feel like I can breathe a little more, but it`s still super dirty...I don`t think a single missionary has cleaned it in a year. Reminds me of the warning sister Baird gave me before the mission to make sure my room is clean. She was right, missionaries aren`t always representatives of Christ in their cleanliness!! Anyway, I`m trying to follow her council.

I love you all! Have a great week! Write me soon!!!

Elder Schofield

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