Monday, October 22, 2012

Greg wasn`t lying!!!! - Email from 10/22/2012

Ok mom...sorry I can`t send a picture of this because I didn`t have my camera at the time, but you now have a second witness that Greg was not lying: they really do put a string of limes around the necks of the dogs when they get sick!!! Greg, I officially apologize for not believing you.

So we were walking in one of the trailer park type areas, where it`s all dirt. We rounded a corner and I saw this shaggy white dog sitting on the corner, in plain site. He was sitting there, just looking out, and hanging in plain view on his neck were two green limes! I literally stopped, which kind of suprised my companion and just said `NO...` I couldn`t believe it! After over a year in the mission, it has been confirmed: Greg was not lying. They really do have that tradition! I asked my pensionista about it, and she even laughed about the tradition and said that a lot of people here do it. How crazy!

Anyway, that was one of the crazy moments of the week, and something that definitely made it to the journal. ;)

This week was really great for me. Honestly, I felt like we made a lot of progress, especially as a companionship. On Thursday, we had a long talk where Elder Panduro really opened up to me. I feel like he`s exactly the way I was about 7 months ago. He doesn`t have a lot of confidence in his teaching, but he has all the desire in the world to change and become a great missionary. I told him of all the times that I had really felt the spirit while he taught, and tried to help him recognize that he really is a great teacher! I think that he was able to recognize that. I also really felt the spirit guiding me while I talked to him...I kinda felt as if I were teaching an investigator. I guess we all need a reminder once in a while of some things!

Anyway, after that, we just were on fire! Friday and Saturday both just FLEW by because we had the spirit so strong in our companionship. On Friday, we were able to have a truly amazing experience. We taught this lady, Maritza, who really did not want to talk to us at first. I was a bit pushy to get into the door, but we did get in! It was our second visit with her. We began talking about how the gospel really does bless our families, and I felt the prompting to pull out Alma 37. I began reading it and talking about how the Book of Mormon teaches us how to be better parents, and how to help our children when they do horrible things like Corianton. She was definitely interested at that point. By the end of the lesson, not only did she want to listen, but she was excited to read the Book of Mormon!

Immediately after her, we met Javier, who is struggling as an alcoholic. In that lesson, we also really had the spirit with us. My companion was able to help him see how baptism really was going to help him leave everything behind. I know that the spirit guided us to him and that it was just an amazing experience.

Anyway, that`s a bit of what`s going on here! I feel great here in Tumbes. It`s kind of weird to realize that I`ve been gone so long! However, I know I`m where the Lord wants me to be. I hope that you all are doing well, and don`t forget to send me a letter every once in a while! The mail here takes longer than in Piura, but I promise that I reply to everything. :)

Love you all!

Elder Schofield

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