Monday, May 6, 2013

My Gringo Companion has finally come!!! - Email from April 29, 2013

Well, after the changes this last week...I have a new companion!! I am
super excited because he`s from the good ol USA!! I always wanted to
have at least one companion from the states so that I could look him
up when I got home! Now, Elder Woodburn will be that companion! He`s
from Washington, but his family has recently moved to Logan area in

So...this week has been crazy! First of all, my companion went home!!!
It was very interesting seeing him say goodbye to everyone. I`m glad I
get to wait a VERY LONG TIME before that time comes. (Yep, I`m
choosing to be in denial.)

Then...we had a TON of changes!! 7 new elders came to our zone! I know
most of them, and we got one new greenie here. I`m really excited
about the changes and I know that Miraflores is going to do great with
the new elders. :) Hopefully we can have a ton of success this change!

Among other changes, there are 7 new Zone Leaders! Elder McDonough,
who was born in Negritos with me, is a Zone Leader now too! I`m super
excited to see him tomorrow in the Conference meeting with the leaders
in the mission. Also, Elder Vargas will be there. :) It`s really cool
to see other elders from my group getting called up. It`s been kinda
lonely with all the `oldies` there in the conference meetings.

OH!! Other exciting news!!! One of the sisters in our zone is going to
be the new training sister in the mission! I`m super excited for
Hermana Delgado. She will also be there in the conferences every
month, and we`ll finally get to hear the wisdom that only women have.
I fully support the changes that President Monson is making in the
missions. I know that the sister missionaries have a very distinct
viewpoint and will be able to remind us elders how we`re supposed to
do things. Hopefully we can listen and do what is right.

As for our investigators, Elder Woodburn has been helping me a ton. :)
I am so glad to have him as a companion!! We are teaching a couple
that had a baptismal date for the 28th. However, neither of us felt
like they were really ready. They just haven`t earned a real testimony
yet! They are doing great and are progressing nicely, but they need a
bit more time. My other companions would have pushed for the baptism.
However, Elder Woodburn and I were able to make the decision to let
them decide on a baptismal date. Cesar and Susana have decided on the
12th of May, Mother`s Day!! I really hope that they can prepare
themselves well. They seemed to accept the Word of Wisdom well and are
also more excited about preparing themselves for baptism. I`m sure
that it will be a great experience.

Manuel is doing AMAZING! He is now attending Mission Preparation
Class! Also, we have talked with the Bishop and they are preparing him
to receive the priesthood. :) I can`t wait to hear the news that he
has left on a mission! I know that he will do a great job. He is
already helping us, and is even going to go on splits with us this
week! What an amazing convert! The spirit really does work wonders.

The ward is also seeing a lot of good changes. I don`t remember if I
told you, but we`re going to be doing a training meeting for all the
members in church! We have planned on teaching them how to welcome the
members that haven`t come to church in a long time, the investigators,
and the new converts! It will really be a great experience :) The
bishop is trying to start a few new things as well, creating our Ward
MIssion Plan. It has been a huge deal trying to get them to start
doing that...but the ball sure is rolling! Hopefully they can stick
with it. They are going to give us one Sunday a month to train the
members in missionary work! Hopefully we can follow through with our

On the other hand, our ward mission leader is kind of struggling. :(
His family is passing through a lot...his brother was killed by his
sister in law about 2 years ago. They`ve filed a claim against her and
are now in the middle of the trail. Obviously, that`s a very emotional
thing for him and the whole family. In the midst of all of that,
Hermano Flores is experiencing financial problems. I really hope and
pray that things will go well with them! I have fasted and prayed for
them...we`ll see how things go!

Well...I`m not sure what else to write! The mission is an incredible
experience. There are tons of things to learn. This past week I got
to showere with a bucket again! It brought back memories of Negritos
when we were only able to shower about once every 3 days...what a
memorable experience! The water is a lot colder when it just sits

Oh! Another cool thing! This week the UNG comes to Tacala! I guess
it`s a group of about 20 gringos that come every year to do service. I
am nervous and excited about it. I half hope and half fear that I
might know someone that comes! I doubt it, cause they would have
written me, right? But hey...who knows??

Well, love you all!!! Take care of yourselves and always remember that
you are in my prayers!!!

Elder Schofield

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