Monday, May 6, 2013

Elder Chinchay has gone home!! :( - Email from April 22, 2013

Well, it`s oficial! I am now a killer...I sent Elder Chinchay home
today! I am so glad to have been his companion. He seriously helped me
a ton. I know that God really puts people in our path to help us to
learn and to grow. Elder Chinchay taught me how to finish a mission.
He worked until the end!!! I know that he really deserves all the
blessings that he received. I can`t wait to see him and his family get
sealed in the temple! His mother was recently baptised two months ago!
If they can continue faithful in the church, I know that in one more
year they will be able to be part of that sacred ordinance.

This last week was honestly...difficult. I felt super bad for Elder
Chinchay because we might have had one of the worst weekends possible
this last weekend. Everything went bad...and I felt super bad because
I know that he will always remember this last weekend in his mission.

The biggest challenge was the activity that we had on Friday. We
planned `The Tree of Life` activity for the ward, and basically it
turned out...ok. However, it was a HUGE pain in the neck! The girl who
was in charge of it all, Katrina, is SUPER awesome, but she also has
quite the temper! Unfortunately, she also leaves a lot of the main
details for the last moment! So...we didn`t have the projector that we
were planning on having, and we also weren`t able to even start until
about 8! The activity was planned for 7!! It was pretty nerve
racking...and at the end of the activity, we had to leave early and
couldn`t help clean up because it was already 930 and we still hadn`t
even gotten the food out! Talk about a nightmare...

Saturday was also a bummer...we had some GREAT appointments set, and
had 3 members that were commited to help us out with the lessons. I
thought that we could have an amazing day, and then at night they had
some sort of party planned for Elder Chinchay. Well, as you can
probably guess...things didn`t happen the way we had planned!

In the morning...the member that was supposed to accompany us didn`t
show up. Then, our appointments fell through! We ended up visiting
some members and trying to help them with their missionary work. In
the afternoon, we visited one of the less actives where her little boy
managed to spray women`s perfume all over my companion`s backpack,
throw shampoo all over the floor, and rip up one of the pamphlets we
had given about an undisciplined child!!

After visiting her...we went to get the members and they weren`t able
to come either! We went to our best appointment of the day...a whole
family that has a lot of interest!! However...only the 15 year old
daughter was at we had a great conversation with her, but
weren`t able to teach. After, we ended up looking for some other
people to teach but couldn`t find anyone!!

It seriously was one of the worst days that we`ve had together. I felt
horrible for Elder Chinchay. However, I was also happy because I knew
that we had some sort of a party to look forward to!! We got to the
church and...yep, you guessed it, NO ONE was there...

So...we left the church, and ended up looking up some old contacts.
Elder Chinchay and I began talking along the way, and I asked him how
he was feeling. He said that it really wasnt the best end of his
mission, but I was suprised about how optimistic he was. He talked
about how during the whole mission, we pass through some good days,
and some bad days. It really is that way! The mission is the HARDEST
thing I have ever been a part of. I miss home. I miss a lot of things.
It`s hard to be here trying to lead a bunch of 19-25 year olds that
just don`t want to do what they should! It`s hard to be their leader.
However, it`s all worth it in the end because I know that God is
looking over me. I know that He is helping me every step of the way. I
feel his love and I can feel the Holy Ghost guiding me along during
these hard times.

I hope that you all know how much I love you! I`m sorry that this
email isn`t specific or very lenghtly. So many things on my mind with
the changes! I hope you all know that I love you! Take care of
yourselves, and if you get a chance this elder here in Peru could sure
enjoy some mail! ;)

Love you tons!
Elder Schofield

Here are some pics from our last Zone Activity in the bus on the way
to Piura and also where we played futbol.

I look pretty great in my football uni, right? ;)

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