Monday, December 12, 2011

November 23, 2011 Email from Dallon

Ok, so a TON happened this week, and I have exactly 12 minutes to write EVERYTHING. I´ll write you a letter too, but first I need to tell you a few things...

One is that packages are kinda ridiculous here...I know you already sent Christmas, but I just found out today that the best way is USPS, and it needs to have the green customs sticker on it that has everything itemized. Otherwise, it costs about $200 just to get the package. Not even worth it.

Second...I´m not sure about sending everyone Christmas presents. There´s some pretty sweet things here, but I know it will be cheaper in Piura, so I´ll probably wait until I get out. Also, it may be too expensive to ship...let me know what you think!

Third...I am now the District Leader! It happened really strangely...Elder Littell (My new/old companion...weird huh?) got called to go to the District/ZL meeting, so I went with. Turns out that I´m the DL and he´s now just a regular missionary like everyone else! It was very suprising.

Ok, so now I´ll try to tell you what I can in five minutes! Haha, guess I´m super slow at typing...but anyways!

This last wednesday we went out on a tour of Lima that was super fun! We got to go in this old church, the Church of San Francisco. It was way cool, and we got to see some crypts that were pretty sweet! Pretty sure I got some of the residue in my hair because the ceiling was so was kind of nasty, but still cool to see. Old bones that have rotted for a long time kinda stink-if you didn´t know that!

We got to eat these AMAZING churros just outside of the capitol buildings. They were filled with some cream, and it was just delicious! We roamed around the small little stores after. I didn´t buy anything, cause I bet it´s a lot cheaper in Piura! Plus, I don´t want to have to pack it everywhere I go!

Another thing that´s changed now is that I am the ONLY piano player in my whole zone...whew, talk about pressure! You know I´m not the greatest at it, but I have to play at everything now. Sunday was hard because the changed the Sacrament hymn on me, so I had to sight read a song that I´d never played before! It was difficult...but I actually did really well! Only messed up a couple times, and I don´t think many people noticed. I KNOW that Heavenly Father helped me out there, cause I sure was praying a lot.

This week has actually been kind of one of the harder weeks for me I think. The new elders that just came in are really fun, but a lot of conversations have turned to home, which just distracts and depresses me, honestly. One of them was redshirting as a quarterback at the U! He also worked at Pinnacle this summer as a salesman, pretty sure I talked to him at work too. We´ve been talking a bit, and it´s made me wish I could see my little sister! I love you Chels! But it´s just been hard to talk to him about it, even though it´s fun to see the connections. The world really is a small place.

Well, this is going to be super small-promise I have a letter coming with more info! I´m really doing well here! No latino campanion, so I have to work extra hard to learn Spanish, but I need that anyway. Should be finishing the New Testament today! I´ve been reading like crazy-I can´t stop! The scriptures are different as a missionary.

Love you all! I pray for you every single time I pray, individually. Keep up the good work!

Con amor,
Elder Schofield

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