Monday, December 12, 2011

When it rains . . . it pours! Email from Nov 30, 2011

Well hello parents!!
This week has been a pretty interesting one! So much has happened, so much is happening that I don´t even know what happened yesterday, today, or what´s going to happen tomorrow! The blessings, as well as the tough times, have definitely come hard and fast this week.

Last week was pretty fun, P-day was normal again and we went to the temple. Today we don´t even go until the 2:00 session, which kind of stinks, but it´s ok! That´s why I´m emailing you so early!

Friday and Saturday-especially Saturday-was kind of tough for me. My district has been having a tough time focusing, especially on our goal to only speak Spanish while in the classroom. Both of our teachers talked to me as the DL and told me to talk to the class. It was pretty tough! It´s hard to get up there and try to lovingly tell people they´re not doing what they´re supposed to without being rude. I think it went pretty well though...everyone is doing a lot better!
Then Sunday night came...probably one of the worst nights in the MTC! I think I got food poisoning...but I was up all night, and most of the morning, just stuck in the bathroom. Elder Littell was great, he checked on me every couple of hours. Eventually, around 9, I had gotten rid of everything, so I slept until about 11:30. I still felt absolutely horrible, but I felt even worse just sitting in my room when everyone else was downstairs being productive, so I ended up going back down and trying to get back into it!

It definitely was not a good Monday...but I´m happy that I didn´t just stay in bed all day. Tuesday morning I ate again for the first time, and now I feel fine. :) probably just lost a couple pounds, but hey-I was getting fat anyway! I gained 2 pounds from the Thanksgiving meal alone!
It´s kind of crazy that I´m actually going to be leaving the MTC next Tuesday! We still have immigration stuff we need to take care of this Monday, but then we´re out of here! I feel really prepared-the MTC definitely is like a fire-hydrant of information, as Elder Ballard put it in a talk, but I feel like I´m way more prepared than any other missionary at any time before. We´re only the fourth group to go through the new program they came out with, and I have to say it is very successful! I can´t wait to get out in the field and actually use all the things I learned, and become a real proceliting missionary!

I´m so glad to have this opportunity to serve a mission! When I think about the opportunity I have to be a tool in the Lord´s hand, I can´t help but get more and more excited! I truly can just count on His help, and I´m so happy for the blessings He gives me each and every day. As a missionary, I feel so inspired on a constant basis. Every day, every hour even, I can feel the spirit prompting me to do something-of course this is according to my faith and worthiness-but it´s real. I think that before my mission I took this for granted, the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Now that every lesson DEPENDS on my listening to those promptings, to decide what this person needs to be taught, I am focusing harder than ever before.

I hope all is well in Utah! Funny to hear that there was snow on the ground Dad...haha, I´m beginning to forget what that is! It´s perfect here right now. It ¨rained¨ one day last week but it was more like walking through a waterfall-the water just hung in the air. Every day is super humid like that, it´s nice and cool right now! It has gotten into the 80´s or so...but that´s fine with me!

Oh! One other thing...I heard our P-days in the field are on Mondays. I don´t know if that´s true or not, just want to warn you that I may not be able to email until then! Also, I´ll have an hour then, which is awesome! I also may be able to reply to EVERYONE! Not just family, so bring on the emails! That will be nice as writing hand-written letters takes a lot longer...even though I know you love those mom. ;)

Have a great day! I love you all so much and I´ll be praying for you!

Elder Schofield

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