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Dallon's January 9, 2012 Email

Subject: Craziest Week so Far!!

Ok, so this was a way crazy week, and I feel like I have a TON to write, so let´s get the office work out of the way first, shall we? ;)

So first I crazy or is David from our ward in the Liahona??? I´m pretty sure that´s him with his arm around an old lady in the issue with General Conference addresses. I thought that was pretty cool!

Also...I don´t know if you did this or not, but because I got the $60 for Christmas, I do owe $6 in tithing, and you would be the one to make that for me. Could you pay that for me please? Thanks padres!! ;)

Now to the good stuff!

This week seems to have FLOWN! We have taught so much, and have had a lot of success. This week we had our first Ward Council. It was needed. It was really good to see that some of the members were willing to work with us, and even were excited! The President was pretty excited when he thought of having ward members go out and visit the less actives, two by two, and split up with the missionaries! Sounds kinda like Home Teachers, right? ;) It was good though, and this Sunday was our first time doing it. I think it will really pay off as we do it week after week. We have so many less actives here that need to be rescued.

As far as investigators go, we´ve had a mixture of success. We have the family of Dani Daniel Lopez and Jessika Silva. They´re not married, and have 3 daughters, one of them pregnant out of wedlock, which is completely normal here, btw. Anyway, we´ve been teaching them for a while, but they haven´t come to church or really followed through on commitments. So this last Wednesday we had a lesson where we just talked about how our lessons have been going and what they´ve understood. It was a really good lesson, where we were able to confront their concerns and help to strengthen their faith. Jessika didn´t really understand the Book of Mormon, so we talked about that. Dani talked about how he feels kind of pressured into this, and we assured him we´re only there to help, and he doesn´t need to feel that pressure. I think it went really well!

Friday, we stopped by again, but it was just Dani. We ended up having an awesome lesson on prayer. He told us he hasn´t prayed yet because he doesn´t have faith in prayer. We felt the spirit so strong there, and left it feeling like he really is going to follow through because he understands the power he will receive through prayer. I really hope he prays, because there´s nothing better he could do for his life right now.

The other investigator we´re working with right now is Jair. He may get baptized this next Sunday! He has also had some doubts with prayer, but has been really trying to receive an answer. On Friday, we also taught him, and taught him about how he can develope his faith, and the promise that we will receive an answer. I had a really powerful prompting come over me to share a scripture, and I showed him the council that Nephi gave his brothers to pray with faith in Christ, keeping the commandments, and that they would receive an answer. I then told him that if he came to church on Sunday, and showed God that he really wants to have his answer, God would bless him with that answer. It was such an awesome experience! I could literally feel the spirit working through me to promise him that. Jair did come to church yesterday, and I have faith that he has received his answer. I can´t wait to follow up with him in the next couple of hours.

We also had a very...interesting experience. One I will never forget!

We were on our way to visit our ward mission leader when two young ladies, about 24, called out to us. We went up and started talking to them, when we found out that they had sister missionaries teach them before and that they even had a Book of Mormon! In the middle of our conversation, Cita, the younger one, stood up and started SCREAMING at a passing neighbor. She was really mad that she was on ´her side of the street´ and that she better get over to the other side! It was intense, and an argument ensued, but only briefly. After that, the spirit was obviously gone, but things calmed down enough, and they really wanted to hear more about the Book of Mormon, because they couldn´t remember what it was. Anyways, we went in to teach them.

When we got inside, Cita´s little boy came running up, probably about 2 years old or so, and sat on her lap. We started the lesson, and got going about the Book of Mormon. Both of them were really paying attention, and seemed to be soaking in every word. The spirit was there, and things were great! Then the little boy started fussing a little, but it was no big deal, we just kept talking about how the prophets in america had written this book. Then, out of no where, Cita just reaches down her shirt...pulls out her breast, and starts breast feeding her 2 year old boy! In the middle of the lesson! She kept her eyes on us like nothing had happened, and we kept going a little bit, but it was way awkward! I kept trying to keep my eyes on Elder Turcios and Sera, the other girl. Finally, when the little boy had finished, we were able to talk to Cita again, and finish the lesson. At the end we had Cita say the prayer, and got out of there.

That is an experience I will never forget! First the argument, then the breastfeeding. I´m sure I´ll have many more crazy experiences!!

Anyway, not much time left! I love you all! Thanks for the emails! Tell Forrest good luck for me when you see him! Also, tell him to be patient with learning, that´s how things will work out!

Elder Dallon Schofield

PS The second pic is of our first Pensionista here. Unfortunately, not a lot of time to send pics, I´ve got some great ones of the lighthouse with the sunset!! I´ll try to send one next week.

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