Monday, January 30, 2012

Second letter from Jan 30, 2012

Hopefully these load quick...don´t have much time!

Anyway, the work is going great. Your son is a much darker color now with the sun, but I AM using sunblock, don´t worry mom. ;)

Oh! Btw...I hope you don´t feel that I´m demanding too much...but if you DO send some sort of package...can you include a few things? One is sunblock...because it´s about 50 soles here for the smallest one, which is about 25 SPF and not very much sunblock. 50 soles is half my money for the month too! Another thing I would like is a bigger CD case...the one I brought is already overflowing from the CD´s Jen gave me (which are amazing, ps!). Other than that...I did ask you for a USB if possible...but that could be a b-day present if you wanted to wait.

Really though, I have everything that I need. Just a few wants, but I am spoiled down here anyway. :)

I was really happy to hear that Chelsey´s surgery went so well! I´ve been praying a lot for her, that she´d be able to try out and have everything go fine. Knowing her, she´ll play through the pain even if she´s not ready. ;)

Oh! Shoutout to Jen...there´s an Elder Lindsey here who says that a Daniel Lindsey knows you somehow? Don´t know how...but kinda crazy!

Elder Foutz is starting to get kinda sad...haha, he only has 4 more weeks left in the mission! Actually, less!! You might even get to meet him...he´ll be going to BYU this summer I think. I told him he should talk to you, mom and dad. He´s been living with me for the first part of the mission, and is my DL. He´s really an inspiration to me...and I know you´d love him. He´s also a volleyball player! Kinda fun to play with him, cause he´s a setter, so I can actually hit the ball too. ;) Anyway...I can tell he wants to stay...but of course it´s 2 years and then you´re done. Not going to lie, I already feel at home here in the mission. I´m sure that I´ll have the same feelings of wanting to be a missionary all my life. It´s just so incredible!!

Now I´m just rambling...I need to go anyway! We´ve got a lesson with Gustavo in a few minutes, hopefully it goes well!! Love you all so much! Keep the letters coming!! I love receiving them, and I promise I´ll respond! It just may take a while to get there...


Elder Schofield

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