Monday, January 16, 2012

Dallon's Letter from Dec 26, 2011

Subject: Day after the phonecall...what to write??

Well not much has happened in 21 hours...oh wait! I did get to shower!!! Before you get too excited, no, we don´t have water, but we took a trip to Talara and showere at our ZL´s apartment. It felt SO GOOD. I feel refreshed and ready to go! Also got my hair cut! We haven´t been able to do that for a few weeks either, and it feels nice and cool.

I´m going to include a few pictures on here of my companion, Elder Turcios, and some of Elder McDonough and Elder Foutz. Elder McDonough is the heavier set one, and he was my DL in the first 3 weeks of the CCM if you remember! It´s been really great to have him in our apartment, and I´m sure appreciating Elder Foutz´s knowledge of the language, customs, and the mission life! His parents are coming to pick him up, so I´ll even get to meet them!

I´m so happy that we were able to talk face to face yesterday! The time seemed to fly...I wanted to keep talking forever! There´s a lot more that I´d like to know about what´s going on with you all! Don´t worry too much about the cars mom, I made it sound worse than it is. They know what they´re doing. It´s just as bad in California! Also, I wanted to thank you for being such an amazing, supportive family! I can´t imagine how much harder it would be if I didn´t have you all to rely on. I´m so glad that you´re willing to make sacrifices for me, and it makes me that much more motivated to go out and make you all proud by being the best missionary I can possibly be.

Don´t worry too much about packages either! It would of course be nice to receive them, but realize that I have everything that I need. All I really need is the scriptures and my testimony. Heavenly Father is filling in the rest! The one thing that I do kind of wish I would have thought to brought is more church music and church DVD´s. We´re actually allowed to watch anything that has the church´s name on it, and have even used mormon messages in Spanish occasionally. So that can be an idea for my birthday present! :) Like I said, I definitely don´t need anything right now, so don´t fret at all.

Hmm...I feel like I´m kind of just rambling...well I am! I don´t have much to say, cause I think I´ve told you most everything! I did write a few letters today, I wrote one to Sister Leifson and one to Sister Colliar in response to their Christmas wishes. Maybe they´ll get them by January. :) Oh, another thing...I was hoping that maybe you´d be able to send my Grandpa Shaw´s email? I´d like to email him...I guess that´s the easiest way for him, and we´ll be able to talk more. Grandma Shaw likes her letters, I think, so I´ll write her today. Oh! That reminds me...I don´t think I told you this before, but I can´t use American Stamps. You put some in my Christmas box, so I may just end up mailing them back to you. The way they do it is they have to pay by weight through Ser Post. The ZL´s will just give me a bill at the end of the month I think for all of my letters that were sent. I think it will still be about the same amount of money, just has to be paid differently.

Well, I´m going to try to send some pics, so I´ll end the email! Love you all!!
Elder Schofield

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