Monday, December 17, 2012

Thanksgiving? Christmas?? Is it really that time of year?? - Email from Nov 26, 2012

Is it really already this time of year?? I can`t believe it! Dad just wrote me and said that Chelsey has already finished her volleyball season...didn`t she just barely start playing?? Ugh...the mission is just flying by waaaayy too quickly!

So for Thanksgiving, our pensionista also put up her Christmas tree and lights! It made me think of when we would do that as a family. :) I of course got to help put some lights up on the post they have running through the middle of the room. I didn`t even need a ladder. :) It helps when you`re 2 meters tall!!!

This week really has been great for us! We`ve found some good investigators and are seeing them progress! One of them is named Grace. She is a nurse in the local clinic, she`s 23 years old, and super intelligent! We found her knocking doors with a member, Roberto. He`s really been a great help to us. Anyway, she is super catholic, but understands our doctrine really quickly! After reading 3 Nephi 11, she understood baptism! She also understood that Christ organized His church!! It was really great to teach someone that really could understand so quickly.

We did talk with her about baptism...and she`s got some doubts about that. Obviously, she`s been raised her whole life as a Catholic! However, I was able to bare my testimony about the Book of Mormon and how if she could read it and pray to know if it was true, she would also know that she should be baptised in our church. She seemed to accept that. We`ll just have to see if she`ll follow through!

We`re also still working with Carlos Huaman (crazy that he has the same last name as my companion, right??). He is really doing great! Last week he accepted the challenge of getting married and baptised! He seems really excited about it, and just accepts that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this is what he`s supposed to do. Our biggest challenge is getting him to come to church. I honestly don`t know why he didn`t come this Sunday! We have a member family that lives right in front of him that is always inviting and trying to bring them to church, but this Sunday they failed to come again! We`re going to have to do something more to get them to come...I don`t know that that will be!!

On Sunday I literally witnessed a miracle. Well, a miracle for me. I attended the first effective Ward Council Meeting in over a year in the field! I was impressed, stunned, and really built up by the testimony that the church really is what I preach every day: organized. We presented a great mission plan that the bishop helped us devise, and then got the support of all the organizations, minus the YW and Sunday School presidencies. EVERYONE ELSE WAS THERE!! Miracle number one. Then, the bishop got up and talked about their own ward goals of going to the temple at least twice a year. Ward goals? Unity? Plan? I think there are miracles two, three, and four right there. Seriously, I was just overjoyed to see that, and feel like I can be a lot more help after having seen that.

I`m really just so happy to be here in Pampa Grande. It`s not the easiest area. The people reject us more than my other areas. However, we have great members that are willing to work with us. My companion and I are becoming the best of friends. It`s going to be hard to leave him in two months. I am enjoying the missionary life more than ever before. We just need to get a few more people into the waters of baptism! Then it would be just perfect. :)

I hope that you all know how much I love you! Please keep up the letters!!!! They really do mean a lot to me, and unfortunately I haven`t received any for a while. I`m pretty sure that it`s just because the mail system is slow...I have received some letters that date 4 months back before in my other areas! Anyway, thank you for all of your love and support!!!


Elder Schofield

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