Monday, July 15, 2013


So...basically I just want to hear a big AMEN. That was AMAZING. I hope that all of you were able to see the two hour special session of ´Hastening the Work of Salvation.´ That was the most incredible thing I have seen in a long time. God truly is pulling out the best in us now, and we are ALL called to the work. Home teaching has never seemed so important to mankind before! Now, every time you go out and make a visit, just remember that you are a part of this work! You are helping them to be saved, quite literally, from death!

This week has been super great for us! We have some really great investigators that are coming along great! We did have one not so good thing happen...our investigator that had a baptismal date was way too busy this week with the armed forces! I guess they want to force him to serve for a year, and so he´s dealing with all of that political stuff to get out of it. Because of that, we haven´t seen Jank all week! He didn´t come to church yesterday either, which means that we´re going to have to put off his baptism for another week. :(

However, good news! We had SIX people that came to church on Sunday! I was super excited! We had Piero and Julio, that are both at the age to be deacons, and Juaquin who can be a teacher! They came with a member friend, and we´ve been teaching them. It´s really cool because they seem to be really excited about coming now! Also, their mother told us just yesterday that after reading the Book of Mormon and praying, she´s been having a lot of dreams and hears a voice telling her that this is the right path! I really hope that we can help them to be baptised this month.

We also had Roberto Carlos and Jenny come to church! They are a couple that we´ve been teaching that are kinda at a standstill because they don´t want to get married yet. However, this last week the spirit really worked in them and they decided to come to church! I hope it can last enough for them to be married. If they do that, I have faith that the spirit will enter in and they can be baptised as well!

We found another great family on Sunday! Juaquin was just another friend that we invited to join us, but this Sunday we were able to teach his mother and father. They are GREAT! It´s easy to see that they´re great parents because Juaquin dresses and acts really maturely. It´s so cool to see that there really are good parents here! They seemed very accepting, and we had a member there who is best friends with the mom, Gloria! Come to find out, her husband is also really good friends with Gloria´s husband, Fernando! If they would have shared the gospel with them earlier, I´m sure they would have accepted, but now we´re going to go to work!

I feel so happy to be here on a mission right now. Things are picking up speed! We have felt a very noticable change here in Sullana. The stake seems to be more active in the work. We are working hard with the members. Some of them are eager to help. Others...not so much. The hardest part for me, honestly, is knowing who really wants to help, because everyone just waits for us to look for them! Then they tell us that they´ve had references for a long time, and that they´ve been waiting for us to ask them.

For those of you who are members: LOOK FOR THE MISSIONARIES. MAKE THEM WORK!!!! We are more than happy to help. We WANT to help you with your less active spouse or children. We want to help you baptise your parents. BE PROACTIVE AND DON´T WAIT! This is a matter of life or death! I´m not kidding...we really are talking about life and death, and if we decide to wait or we aren´t proactive in the missionary may be too late for our friend or family member.

I hope that you can all watch the training from Sunday! It got me SUPER motivated. Be that missionary family that you always wanted to be! By small and simple things, you could bring about a huge change in your ward! Just look at what happened in Canada when a branch president set a goal with FAITH and the DID IT!

Love you all and hope that you all feel more commited to do God´s work. There´s nothing more enjoyable than feeling the spirit. Some think that breaking the rules to do something funny is enjoyable, but that never lasts. As a friend said in a recent letter, we suffer in wickedness and rejoice in obedience! Rejoice in this work! There´s nothing better in the entire world.

Elder Schofield

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