Monday, July 15, 2013

WoodField Enterprises - Emal from May 27, 2013

So...basically this week has gone by way too fast. Elder Woodburn and I have had a great time, and we`re working super hard together. Really, this change has been pretty amazing with him! We haven`t had a single argument yet, and it`s been super fun to be here together. Haha, this last week we thought of `WoodField` and were messing around a lot with what kind of company we could make, like `Woodfield Workers` or Woodfield Records or something like that. Basically...we`re two elders that may have lost their minds. :)

As for the work`s been super great! This last week we saw some huge steps in the ward. We`ve been having some pretty tough times lately with our Ward Mission Leader. He hasn`t been coming to church, and it`s been impossible to get him to a missionary work coorelation meeting. However...this week we were able to visit him and help him see his responsability.

Honestly, it`s frustrating when people don`t do what they`re supposed to. It`s tough to be a missionary trying to work in a ward where the ward mission leader isn`t helping at all. When we went to visit him, I had to be careful not to get too upset. However, I suprised myself by the way I handled it! Our visit went ok. I simply pulled out Doctrine and Covenants 84 and we talked about the Oath and Covenant of the priesthood. The promises there are AMAZING! All we have to do is MAGNIFY our callings...I`m pretty sure my message got through to him because he came to church AND one of our meetings in the afternoon! Hopefully that continues.

This last week we also had two baptisms in our ward! Elder Garcia and Hernandez baptised two young women that are actually pretty strong in the gospel! I have faith that they will continue on in the church. There was a pretty good turnout as well. I hope that the ward members can continue to support the converts. There has been quite a few challenges here with that. They`re struggling to do home teaching and visiting teaching, which is SO important for a ward to become strong and remain strong!

Well...I know that this letter is kinda short. I just don`t know what to put on it! We`re kinda struggling to find new investigators. We`ve been working a lot with the members here...without a lot of results! They tell us that they have friends that could be interested, but they never take us to them! They say that they`re still `preparing them` to receive the gospel. If any of you feel that way, just remember this: YOU NEVER KNOW IF SOMEONE IS PREPARED IF YOU DON`T ASK THEM. In Preach My Gospel it says to challenge people to be baptised in the first lesson. It could be the very first time that I talk to someone, and I am going to ask them to leave EVERYTHING behind to follow Christ. Suprisingly, all of the investigators that I have baptised said YES the very first time I asked!

That`s how amazing Missionary Work really is.

Anyway...I hope that all is well at home! Make sure to keep doing the important things like reading scriptures, praying, and having FHE. Really...if the whole world could do those simple things...I highly doubt that we would have so many challenges! Just do it. :) Life is better that way!

Elder Schofield

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