Monday, July 15, 2013

Life keeps rolling on ... Email from July 1, 2013

June is already gone! Can you believe it? Life is just going by WAY too fast. Here in the mission things are pretty great! Every week I´m learning something new and working as hard as I possibly can to help everyone I see come unto Christ.

This past week brought quite a few experiences...many of which I simply won´t be able to explain exactly how I´ve felt. I think it will take a lifetime for me to process all of the things that I´m learning here on my mission. Haha, when I get home at night, I always want to write in my journal ALL the things I´ve learned that day. However, it´s impossible! So many things are happening here on a daily basis. The spirit is teaching me so much it is simply impossible for me to transmit all of that onto paper. The feelings I´ve had, even those that I´m having right now, are simply incredible. I hope that someday I´ll have enough time to sit down and reflect on all that I´ve done and learned. However, for now, I just have to go to work!

So this week we have been working with Sara Pingo and her sons, Piero and Julio. It´s been kind of hard to get to them, because she´s working a lot. However, we had a great lesson with her the other day! We talked about attending church and how important it is for her to know that this is true. I feel really confidnet that she will be baptised. We just need to help her to gain a testimony and stop working on Sundays! We have a lot of support from her friend that´s member, and we hope that it continues to motivate her.

I also wanted to tell you about our amazing new investigator! Her name is Flor and she is 17 years old! Johnathan, a recent convert, was accompanying us on a visit when our appointment fell through. We didn´t have much planned as a backup, so I decided to ask him if he knew anyone before we began knocking doors. He took us to Flor´s house!

The cool thing about this was that I was with Elder Lindsay on a work visit. She accepted us wholeheartedly and had a ton of questions. We taught her the restoration and basically told her that the answers were in the Book of Mormon and that she should read it.

That was Thursday. On Saturday, Elder Vargas and I returned with Johnathan to teach her again. She had read up to 1 Nephi 12!!!! It was a miracle!!! We were very suprised, and you could tell that she´s really interested, but still had a lot of questions. We explained to her that all she really needs to know is if the Book of Mormon is true, because everything depends on that. She seemed to understand, and I have confidence that she will receive an answer and will be baptise! The first time we challenged her, she said yes, but not very forcefully. The second visit, she said yes a lot more directly!

Johnathan was also very suprised about how she has received us. To me, its just another testimony that there are people just waiting for us to share the gospel! All we have to do is open up our months, and invite them to listen to the missionaries! Who knows what can happen? That´s what faith is all about.

This week we also had our interviews with President! It was a great interview, and I feel like I have progressed so much since the last time I was interviewed. President also said something to me about how he can feel a difference, which made me feel good. He said that Elder Vargas and I seem to be giving a great example to our zone, and told me to keep it up! I am so grateful for him. In his prayer, he prayed for our family as well, without me having to ask. He really is an amazing mission president!

It´s kinda crazy to think that this time is going by so fast! I don´t know what will happen within the next few months, but I am excited to be here and just hope to continue doing God´s will. He really knows the way. I am so blessed to be a member of His church. Do you know how amazing a blessing that is? To know the truth. To feel the company of the Holy Ghost. It´s simply an amazing blessing. I hope that you can all recognize that.

It doesn´t matter what challenges we face, we can have confidence that God loves us and He knows where everything is going to lead to. He´s constantly preparing us to be instruments in His hands. On Sunday, as I witnessed for the very first time an effective ward council, I could feel the spirit whispering to me, telling me to watch and learn. I know that God is preparing me to apply what I´m learning after my mission, and I hope to be able to help many more people in my life!

Love you all, and hope that you´re enjoying the hot weather!´s SUPER COLD! I have to study with a blanket now...I don´t know what I´ll do when I get home...maybe you should send me some pocket warmers so that I don´t get frostbite!!! Haha, just´s not that cold. ;)

Love you!!!
Elder Schofield

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