Thursday, October 3, 2013

The time is far spent . . . 'El Fin Se Acerca...' - Email from 30 Sep 2013

Well...can you all believe it?? Two years is going to be up in just one more week!! I don`t know whether I should be happy or sad...this time has gone by so quickly it`s amazing. At the same time, I feel that I`ve had enough experiences to last me for a lifetime of reflection! Hopefully I can always remember the good times here in the best mission in the world: La Mision Peru Piura.

So this past week was pretty crazy!! We had interviews with the zones, and I even had my enterview with President! When we have interviews, we also have to review the Area Books, so Elder Muralles and I had that responsability. It sure was eye opening! It seems like the mission is getting a lot better at things, but there are still some things that we could be doing a LOT better.

My interview with President was amazing. I am so grateful for him. I think that one of my weaknesses is not being able to recognize the good that I really do. President told me like three or four times in 15 minutes how much he appreciated me and that he had learned a lot from me. From ME? Kinda weird to think of someone like President Rowley learning so much from a 21 year old boy. However, I really appreciated his words. I know that he really means it. I feel that I have given it my all. President has shown me that I really can do it. I really can be a leader in the mission and help the missionaries become better representatives of Jesus Christ.

As for our area, it`s been pretty crazy! This week we had an activity where the stake brought in all 26 missionaries and some of the future missionaries to our area and one other to go contacting because those two wards haven`t been doing so great. Haha...the elders come up to us after and said, Elder Schofield and Elder Muralles! Your area sure is tough, isn`t it?

We just smiled and laughed. It has been a challenge, but I`ve learned to have faith in the Lord, and He has provided the way.

As for our couple that we`re teaching, things are going great! Gabriel and Diana have really opened up to us. They`re reading the Book of Mormon, the pamphlets we leave them, and they`ve started to pray together! We`re really excited about that! This week we were even able to take the bishop with us on a visit! The bishop and his wife did AMAZING, and hit it off with them! It was really great to see that. :)

On Saturday we had a huge ward activity called `Feria de la Vida` where all the organizations had responsabilities. It turned out fantastic! Gabriel and Diana came, and the ward members were super great with them! I think that they are going to progress a lot. If they do decide to follow what we`re teaching, I have the feeling that they`re going to be some great converts to the church.

Now, this week is going to go by SUPER FAST, and I`ll tell you why.

Right here is my schedule:
Tuesday: Leadership council meeting until 4 PM
Wednesday: First 5 Weeks Training Meeting until 3 PM
Thursday: Zone Meeting until 2 PM, and then I go to Talara on a work visit until....
Friday: 4 PM I get back to Piura
Saturday: General Conference, the new assistant arrives, and we do the transfers!
Sunday: More General Conference, and finish transfers!!!

So, as you can see, I get the privilege of working until the very last day. :) I`m actually very grateful for that, because it won`t be too hard at all to stay focused on what I am doing.

Being Assistant to the President has been a blessing. I`m not going to lie, I NEVER desired to be here. I never wanted to be in the office. It was always my desire to be out working, and trying to help people get baptised and remain active. However, I know that God put me here for a reason, and I`ve come to understand that my role is very important. We have to motivate the missionaries. We have to inspire them to be better. If I can help a missionary to become better, who knows how many lives he will touch afterwards? I hope and pray that I can somehow help this mission to this work to really roll forward.

I know that God lives. This is His work and it will never end until His Son comes again. I`m grateful to have been a part of it. I`m grateful that I still am a part of it! Peru has been amazing. I love it so much here! The people are amazing nice, and I will always have a huge piece of my heart here!

I love you all so much! I`m grateful for all your prayers and support. I hope that this last week can be the best one yet!!!

See you soon!!!!!

Elder Schofield

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