Thursday, October 3, 2013

What a Wonderful First Week! - Email from 2 Sep 2013

So....this week simply FLEW by! There was so much to be done, and just so much to think about that I can`t even put it all together in my head. Monday was CRAZY because we had to send so many elders home! If that was bad, Tuesday was even worse!! We got to receive 24 new elders here in the mission! It was pretty crazy seeing them get off the plane. Seriously, it made me think a lot about when we all got here, 21 of us!

A lot of the new elders are northamericans too. Haha, it`s pretty funny to see these 18 year olds getting here. They`re just so YOUNG! A lot of them really don`t know what`s ahead of them. It`s kinda funny. I feel like the old, experienced one. I also feel like some of them are a little immature...their companions are going to have to help them out a bit.

Tuesday morning we had the changes, and then the new elders received a training meeting. After that we went for a walk just to get outside for a while. At night we were just here in the office together. That was an interesting experience...all of the new elders were telling me about the states, about the music, videos, and some other things. I felt really weird hearing about it all. The strangest part about it was that I don`t care about any of that! It got a lot more interesting when I just changed the subject to missionary work. We started talking about what the culture is like here and what they`re going to need to do to help the work progress.

Being a missionary is the best thing in the world. For those of you that worry about missing out on the music, movies, or the other things of the world, just forget about it! There`s nothing else more amazing than being a part of God`s work. In fact, it`s actually a lot better being able to drown out the world with MOTAB and the scriptures. The spirit is so strong in the work it`s incredible!

On Wednesday we had our full day training meeting, which was quite fun! The last change when we did it, President couldn`t be there due to the death of Elder Litano, so this time it was a lot different! The spirit was super strong as President explained what he expected of us as missionaries and what the Lord expects. I love the was he uses scriptures to teach us. He lets God say it instead of trying to take the credit himself. I`ve tried very hard to do the same thing. Anyway, the training meeting lasted almost all day, and then we got the new elders sent off to their areas!

As for our area...we`re doing ok. Ok, maybe we`re not doing super great. It`s the first time in my entire mission that I have really struggled to find new people to teach. This area is very different! This week we had to work super hard, talking to everyone we could see, trying to visit the less actives to teach their friends and family members, etc. Really, we tried a lot of different resources, but honestly, it just didn`t work.

I don`t know why God decided to save this challenge for me for the end of my mission, but we`re working hard to overcome it.

There is one thing that I was able to learn this week, that truly is a valuable life lesson. Elder Muralles and I were having companionship inventory (something that I`m REALLY going to`s helped me a lot) and we talked about some of our weaknesses. That`s when he told me that I need to be happier.

When I think about it...even before my mission I struggled with that. I mean, I know that maybe I haven`t been the greatest person and whenever someone sins they feel guilty and simply can`t be happy. However, with me it`s something more than that. I have to work hard to be happy, and it really shouldn`t be that way!

It`s amazing how if you can recognize your weaknesses and then take them to the Lord how He can change that. I feel that I am slowly but surely becoming a happier person. :) something that I really should have been doing since a long time ago!

Life has its ups and downs. However, we should enjoy them all! This week we honestly didn`t have a great week in our area. Not many new investigators, not one of the existing investigators are progressing, and it was difficult working with the members. However, we worked hard! We`re doing our part and I know that God will magnify our efforts. I just hope and pray that we can find a better way of working here in Piura Central.

Well...I hope that you all know that I love you! Take care of yourselves!

Elder Schofield

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