Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Crazy Week of Work - Email from 3 September 2012

This week seemed to just fly by! I really loved it, because after four days in the office really just waiting for the test results...I was ready to get back to work! We got back Monday night, and then Tuesday just hit the pavement (well...more like a lot of sand..) hard. Elder Castillo and I are really doing great! I absolutely love having him as a companion! We both can really feel the spirit in our lessons, and I love that he is so motivated to work and help our investigators. Because of that, we are seeing a lot of success in finding new people to teach, and being able to help those that we already have to make REAL progress! I am loving it.

This week with the BerrĂº family we did see some progress! They´ve been super busy and so have we with things, so we were only able to visit Nelly, but I am really happy to see the changes that are taking place in their family. Nelly told us about an experience that she had reading the Book of Mormon, and she KNOWS it´s true! I was so happy to be able to see the light in her eyes when she realized that she had received an answer from God. She told us that she was really angry one afternoon with her teenage daughter (bet you know how that is mom!). In that moment, she decided to go to the Book of Mormon. She said that she read like usual, but when she stood up after having read, the anger was gone! She just had a feeling a peace left in her, her heart had truly changed! I showed her the scripture in Mosiah 5 that talks about how the Holy Ghost changes our hearts, and in that moment, she realized what she had experienced.

As for the baptism, we aren´t 100 percent sure of what is going to happen yet, but I have a lot of faith that Ana, Nelly, and Jimena are going to be baptized soon! Ana is ready. We haven´t had a chance to talk to her about this Saturday, but we´re hoping. Nelly is nervous still, and she hasn´t attended church enough...but we´re going to see! Jimena is Nelly´s daughter, and she recently just opened up to us. She´s 13 and is really against the idea of talking to us just because she´s rebellious with her mom. However, this Sunday she came to our English class and I was able to get her to open up! It´s really kind of like talking to Chelsey when she was 14...Hannah Montanah, iCarly, Zack and Cody, Bruno Mars...ugh...thank you girls for brainwashing me enough to be able to relate with 13 year old girls. :P Haha, but really...I pray every night to see this family in the temple. I am amazed at how God has already changed them so much. The changes just keep coming!

Well, I better go...sorry I can´t write too much! Just not enough time. I love you all! Please keep me updated on everything!!!

Elder Schofield

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