Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Well...An Interesting Week - email from 27 August 2012

NOTE FROM DAD: If you haven't heard - we kind of kept it quiet, Robin got a phone call from Dallon's mission president informing us that Dallon was ill and we going to go to the clinic for a colonoscopy in the morning. Of course, I was travelling in Europe (Samantha's appendicitis attack was while I was in London.) Everything turned out good but we were a bit worried for a few hours until we heard the results.
So...most of you know because of the phonecall President Rowley made yesterday, but I have been in the clinic here for a little test! I guess the food here or something just hasn`t agreed with my body. I`ve been living with it for about 10 months now, and now that it has worsened a little bit more, I decided that I should have someone look into it. Well...they sure LOOKED into it! Today I had my first colonoscopy!
It really started on Thursday when I was just knocked out, having to go to the bathroom about every half hour. Pretty sure that my system was completely cleaned! Also, when I saw a little more than the usual...I decided to call Hermana Rowley and tell her that I think it`s time I saw a doctor. So, here I am, in the mission office because I have been going in for tests since then! Today they did the colonoscopy and endoscopy. Super weird because I was awake the entire time! However, everything went good and as of right now, they haven`t detected any problems. I`ll find out the whole story at about 5 oclock though.

Enough about all that...it`s pretty much over and I`m more worried about having to miss another day away from Sechura! I miss it...on Thursday we were able to visit one investigator, Claudia. She is having a lot of doubts with some of our commandments, especially in relation with the `For the Strength of Youth` Well...she`s 14 and has a boyfriend! Of course she`s a little worried about that. We explained a lot, and talked about the law of chastity. She`s completely fine with all of that, but not with all of the rules that help us avoid falling. I`m really hoping and praying for her. She won`t accept a baptismal date yet. We just have to keep working with her!

As for our other investigators, they seem to be going great! We have Ana and Nelly BerrĂ¹ that I really feel like they`re prepared for their baptism on the 8th of September! We had a good FHE with them again and we even were able to visit with Jimena, the daughter of Nelly. She`s 13 and kinda shy, but I`m hoping to be able to get some of the YW to befriend her as well. We`ll see how that goes. We were also able to talk to Nelly about the Book of Mormon a little more. She`s a little scared to ask in prayer still. However, after our conversation I`m pretty sure that she`ll ask. We haven`t been able to visit them since, but that`s ok.

Here in the office, I have been able to go out proceliting a little bit as well! Elder Bricca, who`s also from my MTC group, and I went and knocked some doors. Of course, being in Piura Central, the people are a lot richer! It was definitely a different experience. We got to ring their doorbells! That`s right, DOORBELLS! Haven`t seen many of thoughs in a while. They had the little speaker phone things...not a huge fan. Harder to get a message in. However, we did enter one house with an older lady. She seemed pretty nice and could progress.

Being in the office is a different experience. I think I could handle it here, whereas before I was always VERY against the idea. They do have to be inside a lot, but they are now going out to procelite every afternoon. They also have the amazing luxury of HOT WATER and AIR CONDITIONING! Two miracles in my life. Saturday was the first time since the CCM in Lima that I was able to shower with hot water...I didn`t know you could feel that clean! However, even with all of that...the field is just so much better. Being able to focus on people and helping them...it`s just better. If it`s my turn to be in the office in the future, I`ll do it. But I hope President keeps me in the field working.
I also had the chance to assist a WARD meeting! Crazy...the Elders didn`t have to do anything! They could focus on their investigators! Also, it really reminded me of home. The church really can be strong here in Peru. I was glad for the opportunity to see that.

Well, I`ve got to get going...I can almost eat! 20 more minutes! I may splurge and buy myself a pizza...I think after the tests I deserve it. ;)

Love you all! Have a great week! Thank you for your prayers. I know that God`s hand is in all of this, and I`m really truly not worried at all. Just hoping to get back to work ASAP.

Elder Schofield

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