Monday, September 17, 2012

Sechura with 6 missionaries!!! - Email from 17 Sep 2012

That`s right everyone! My mission president is now looking into sending two more elders here!! I`m really super excited about it. This week the Zone Leaders came and we looked at maps. The area that I am in may just get split in half and two more missionaries will come in to where I`ve been working for almost 4 and a half months! Super excited about that, because I know there are many people we just can`t visit because we don`t have enough time. Hopefully we do have two more missionaries this next change.

This week passed by, and it was fairly normal. Nothing really exciting happened, other than the splits! We did have a great activity put on by the Primary. I`m pretty sure that after a meeting we had with a high councellor, President Bazalar got chewed out a bit for things that haven`t happened. Although I didn`t want it to necessarily happen that way, I am very excited about the changes I am seeing. President is truly an amazing leader, he just doesn`t know how to do some of the things that need to be done. This week, things took a great turn for the better. We had almost 90 people in the church! The sacrament was done by priests instead of us elders, and only one class was taught by the other elders, instead of the usual three classes we teach. I have high hopes for Sechura, and now that the stake is really helping out, things are going to be a ton better. :)

As for how I am doing, things couldn`t be better. :) My health is great, and I am just really looking forward to the baptism this week of Ana and Nelly BerrĂ¹! I`ll have to make sure to send you pictures of that. I have been working with them for a long time, and I`m excited to see those fruits.

Oh! Another super exciting thing is happening this week! Elder Waddell from the seventy is coming! We`re going to listen to him on Friday in Piura. I am super excited about that; he gave one of my all time favorite talks this last fall in General Conference about missionary work. If you don`t remember it, read it again! Then you can feel jealous because I get to see him live. ;) haha, jk...jealousy no, just happy for the opportunity that I will have.

Well...sorry this email is so short, I just really don`t have much to say! We`re working hard. I love you all, and hope that all is well with you! Please keep the letters up! I don`t know why they are taking so long recently, but I promise that I am replying to every one I receive!!!

Elder Schofield

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