Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Baptism in Sechura! - Email from June 4, 2012

You guessed write...we had a baptism in Sechura!!! Felix Javier de la Cruz Berrú!!! He is 16 years old, and was really prepared when I got here. Elder Naranjo has done a great job in preparing him for his baptism, and Felix is already getting excited and prepared to serve a mission. He´s the first from his family to be baptised, but in visiting with his mom, she commented more than once that she and her husband could follow him into the waters of baptism! We´re definitely going to follow up with that, and hopefully things will go well.

So the weekend baptism experience was pretty interesting...I have to tell you all about it! So first of all, we did go to Castilla on Thursday where we met up with our Zone and had interviews with the President. While we were there, we mentioned to two of the missionaries that are in the Union that we were going to have a baptism there on Saturday at 2 in the afternoon, and we would need their help in filling the font and preparing everything. They were very willing to help us out! Problem is...we didn´t talk to them after!

The other glitch happened on Saturday, when we found out that we weren´t going to have a bus until three. Unfortunately, we did not have time to tell Felix´s family, so they ended up waiting for an hour at the church alone! Then, just as the bus came, Felix´s little sister pooped her pants, so her mother had to take her home and change her. That meant that we left at about 330, without having called the elders, hoping and praying that things would somehow work out.

That half hour bus ride seemed to take forever. I was praying the entire way, asking for forgiveness because I knew that I should have coordinated things better and prepared everything ahead of time. I prayed that Heavenly Father would look past my disabilities and just make this a special day for Felix and his family. Thankfully, Heavenly Father answered my prayer. :)

When we got to the chapel in the Union, everything was ready! The missionaries had cleaned and filled the font, and members had set up chairs for us and everything! The ordinance went very smoothly, and the spirit was strong. I was really grateful for that! Felix bore a really simple testimony, yet very powerful, of how he really felt that he had been born again, just as the promise of baptism says! It was a great moment.

The rest of my week seemed to go by very well! I did mention that I had an interview with President Chipman, my last one with him as President! We talked a bit, and of course he always mentions exactly what´s on my mind! We talked a little bit about how we can help investigators want to keep committments. Something that is not easy! He then gave me some last words of advice, and bore his testimony of our new president, President Rowly. It will be interesting getting to know him! I don´t know how I can say goodbye to President Chipman...he´s been amazing!

Well, I´m really hoping this week can go well! As companions, I feel like we could work harder. We also have quite a bit of work to do with our Area Book...we have some investigators that are in there as ´new investigators´ that the missionaries taught a year ago! I´d say they´re no longer ´new.´ Thankfully, Elder Ramirez was able to teach me how to keep a ship-shape area book! Part of me knows that Heavenly Father put us together for that reason.

I hope you all know how much I love you! Sorry I don´t have any pictures...I forgot my camera in our apartment, and we had to come straight from playing soccer. Have fun in the middle of Summer! Winter here I come! Hopefully I won´t get quite as burned in the ´winter´.

Love you all! Keep writing!
Elder Schofield

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