Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Con Fe en Cada Paso - Email from June 18, 2012

This may have been the last week that I got to see President and Hermana Chipman!! We had a devotional on Friday night with four different stakes, and we sang our mission song, `Con Fe en Cada Paso,` probably for the last time. It really was such a powerful experience. All four stake presidents bore their testimonies, and in between each president the missionaries from that stake performed a musical number. Our stake, Castilla, performed `Trabajeros Nos Es Trabajar` which is not in the English hymnbook. ;) However, it is one of my favorite songs! If you want to look it up, it`s hymn 88. :)
Anyway, Friday night really was an amazing spiritually uplifting experience. President and Hermana Chipman also both bore their testimonies. Hermana Chipman used her classic, we are the army of the Lord, line that she always loves. She had the investigators that were there stand up, then the leaders, then the regular members, and finally we missionaries. She then explained how each one of us are part of the Army of the Lord, bringing more spirits unto the Father. It really was one of the most powerful testimonies I`ve heard in a long time.

President talked to us about the four different languages that we heard that night. The languages of spanish, music, love, and the spirit. He is so right in that we can literally listen in four different ways. I felt the spirit so strong because of that, because I could really listen. He also invited a sister to come up and bare her testimony. She came up and said she had served a mission here in Piura about a year ago and was coming back to visit. She just happened to choose this week, where she could attend the devotional. She talked about how she had really fallen in love with the people, the land, the heat, and the culture of Piura. She started to cry, and I could really see that she had served her mission with her whole heart. I am beginning to fall in love with Piura too. Every day, I have to put it all on the line, and sometimes it is exhausting, especially when on the outside it doesn`t look like you`re having a ton of success. However, I am. I know that Heavenly Father has been helping me so much to reach out to His children. Without Him, I`d be nothing. However, in just 8 months I can speak Spanish fairly fluently, the people are actually able to relate to me and I to them. I`m seeing miracles in the work. They may be little and insignificant to others, but to me they are miracles.

As for the work here in Sechura, we`re progressing. We have a few good leaders in the branch who really want to work. I`m happy and grateful to have them. I`m hoping we`re going to see a lot of success, a lot of baptisms. We are searching, as always, for those that are prepared. Last Thursday I had an interesting experience that I wanted to share about that.

So we have one investigator that Elder Naranjo has taught since he got here about 2 months ago. She just isn`t home very often. Anyway, when we went on Tuesday we met her niece who was interested and asked us to go back on Thursday. When we got to their house, Kimberly (the neice) was just leaving with some who looked like another one of her aunts. Thankfully, she decided to listen to us. When we got inside, we began talking, and by the time we began the lesson we were teaching 4 girls. One was Eldie (the old investigator), Kimberly, Jennifer, and one other girl.

We taught about the Book of Mormon, making some references to Joseph Smith, but not really focusing a ton on that, more on the Book of Mormon and how it`s a test to know that what we teach is true. Towards the end of the lesson, I could tell that something had changed in that fourth girl. I asked her a simple question and then she started to explain a lot. She talked about how she went to another evangelical church and they had told her that she should never listen to the mormons. She said she had come in full of fear, and didn`t want to listen to us at all. She began asking some interrogative type of questions, and Elder Naranjo and I were able to answer all of them, I know we had help from the spirit there.

Finally, at the end of the lesson, we were able to commit Kimberly to reading the Book of Mormon. Also, miraculously, Jennifer and the other girl also accepted another visit this next week! I was really suprised at how quickly things changed...that`s something that only the Holy Ghost can do.

Well, my time is practically gone! I hope you all know I love you! Have fun in Utah!! Thankfully, the heat has been going down a bit`s only SUPER hot during midday. :) The rest of the day is just normal hot. :) Haha, love you all!!!

Elder Schofield

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