Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Week of Glasses! - email from June 25, 2012

Well this week was really crazy! We only had one and a half full days in our area here in Sechura! The week really flew by, but part of me feels like we didn´t really have a chance to do a lot of missionary work.

So on Tuesday before we ate breakfast, Elder Lindsay showed up at our door and told us we had to go to the Union to give service for an organization, translating from spanish to english for some doctors from the states. So, we took off without having a chance to even eat! When we got there, we found out that it was a ¨Club of Lions¨ from Utah that was here giving away prescription glasses. We translated for the people as the searched the prescription and then found the right pair of glasses for the people. It really was a lot of fun! I saw a ton of people´s faces light up as the could see for the first time in years. Literally, some of them couldn´t see a number that is as big as the new TV Dad just got. They have horrible eyesight! Hey, maybe some of them will actually read the Book of Mormon now. ;)

We spent all day Tuesday there, and didn´t even get back to Sechura until 8! Wednesday we actually had a normal day, but it wasn´t very successful unfortunately. The people just weren´t home. We also found out that the Relief Society President was in a car accident! I guess the van she was in was going about 120 kph and went off into the sand, flipping five or six times! We saw the van and it was pretty smashed up. Thankfully, she´s fine and even came to church on Sunday. I hope that the other 14 passengers are doing well, it seemed to be a pretty intense crash site.

On Thursday, my companion flew to Lima! We thought he would be leaving early morning, but it turned out he didn´t leave until about 6. I ended up going on splits with another elder, Elder Losser, for Thursday and Friday. During that time, I was in Catacaos with him. However, I was only there for a few hours! We ended up serving again with the glasses organization thing, and then he had four baptismal interviews we had to coordinate. We even had to take one of them to Piura, which took a total of 3 hours by the end! Definitely worth it because Elder Losser and Elder Garcia had 4 baptisms this last weekend! Congrats to them! However, it just seemed like a super long day...

Saturday we did our weekly planning and were finally able to leave to visit some of our investigators...of course, this weekend was the 50 year anniversary of the biggest High School that they have here in Sechura! As a one was home. We ran around to a ton of investigators that we would have visited on Thursday or Friday but only ended up finding one at home. Oh well, that´s the way that missionary work goes sometimes. This next week we´re going to work harder and have a lot more results, I can feel it!

Sunday was also pretty crazy for me...I ended up giving a talk, teaching Sunday School, and teaching Priesthood! All in one day with zero preparation time. It was not easy...but I felt Heavenly Father helping me through it. I was able to pull off the first two hours ok, but then in Priesthood I just got handed the general conference addresses and told go. Unfortunately, it´s not nearly as easy to teach from General Conference addresses as it would be from the a result, I kinda tanked the class. Hopefully the people got something out of it!

I hope you all know that I love you! The work here moves along steadily, and I´m learning and growing with each and every day. President Chipman leaves this week! I´ll let you know how President Rowley is...I wonder if there will be a lot of changes! Oh, speaking of changes...we did have them this week! Elder Lindsay, my District Leader, is now going to be a Zone Leader! Elder Naranjo and myself are going to stay here, and they´re going to bring someone in to be Elder Christianson´s companion. Crazy how things can change so quickly!

Hope you all know how much I love you! Have fun in Utah! Put out those fires for me!! ;)

Elder Schofield

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