Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mother's Day! - Email from 15 May 2012

It`s hard to believe that Mother`s Day has already come and gone! It really was an interesting experience here in Negritos...I was not expecting Mother`s Day to be another reason to party and get drunk, but it was! Thankfully, we were able to avoid that by calling our families. :) I`m really so thankful for the opportunity we had to talk! Sounds like things are going well, and I send my love to you all!
Another great suprise came in the mail yesterday! I got the CD you sent, Jen! Thank you so much! I love Nashville Tribute, and it`s an awesome CD! I also got the announcement for Corinne`s graduation finally! Congrats again sis!

Anyway...not much has happened since we talked as a family on Sunday! Unfortunately I wasn`t able to get to internet yesterday due to some weird circumstances that we had. Just some bad planning on our part, but we were able to get permission to come today. :)

It`s really weird to think that in just one week I could be in a completely different area of the mission...I`ve heard that the areas really are way different. Some of them, for instance have to wash their own clothes! Mom asked me a couple questions about that, here we actually have a lady that does our laundry for us once a week. Also, in other areas, the pensionista doesn`t cook for the missionaries on the weekends, the members do! FYI, all she does for us is cook...and then we have our laundry lady. :) We don`t have maids mom...unfortunately we have to clean our apartments ourselves!

Also, just to answer a few questions mom had asked, the market has pretty much everything you could think of in it: clothes, sound systems, TV`s, vegetables, fruits, chicken, pirated DVD`s (a LOT of them), etc. They usually have all of the food in one area. A lot of people own their own tiny store, which usually has some cleaning supplies, which really only consists of clorox bleach and a mark off of Tide, and food. I don`t really like the parts that are pure food...tons of flies everywhere. It also doesn`t smell the greatest because you`ve got a bunch of chicken mixed with the smell of rotting tomatoes and stuff. Glad I don`t have to shop there!

As far as my companion...I really haven`t shared much, have I? He really is an amazing guy! Elder Ramirez only has one brother, and they live with his parents. He was just baptized two years ago at the age of 24! He BARELY got to go on a mission, and even got his call after he had turned 25, but he felt the impression to go on his mission, and so here he is! He`s studying to be an OBGYN, and is super smart. He`s grown up most of his life in Guanaco, which is pretty far down south in Peru. He`s grown up near the jungle and has told me of a few crazy experiences he`s had down there in the jungles!

His parents are not members, but his brother was baptized just after him. One crazy thing is that a lot of his family didn`t even know he was on his mission for two years until Sunday! I guess a few of them are really opposed, saying he should come home and finish his studying. I`m really impressed at how devoted he is to the missionary work, and the way he follows through with the spiritual promptings he receives from God. God told him to go on a mission, and so he`s here, despite the many friends and family members that called him crazy and tried to get him to stay.

As far as if he`s funny, he`s a pretty funny guy! He has a way of finding one tiny thing funny and then always repeating it...it honestly used to annoy me because I didn`t find it funny the 50th time! However, I think it`s just kind of his character now, and we have had some fun times together. One thing that may not be the best thing we`ve done...but hey, Elder Smith and I have to occupy ourselves somehow...we taught Elder Yupa and Elder Ramirez how to say `I like to wipe my bum` which somehow Elder Smith turned it into `Kiss my bum, fruitcake!` I know it`s very immature and not something that we should teach our latin companions considering they know so little english...but hearing them say it with their spanish accents may be the most hilarious thing in the world! :) Sadly, my maturaty may be going down mom. ;) Haha, but really...I promise you I wasn`t the one who started that one!

Well...I need to go now, we`ve got an appointment we`re supposed to be at soon. I love you all! Thanks for all of the letters and support I receive from you! I`m praying for you all every night!

Elder Schofield

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