Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Weird Week in Sechura! - Email from 11 June 2012

This week just seemed to be really weird and crazy! It all started on Tuesday, when we expected to have a Zone meeting in Castilla, which is about an hour and a half away. After getting to Castilla with our District Leader, and getting to the chapel, we found out that we were misinformed! We did not have the meeting on Tuesday, it was going to be on Thursday! Well, we thought we could take advantage of the situation and go to the bank in order to take out the rest of the money that we didn`t receive at the beginning of the month. So, we ended up traveling to Catacaos by bus and tried the bank there. Come to find out, we still didn`t have money in our account. In fact, we wouldn`t have it until the 15th of the month. Finally, we returned to Sechura after having spent about 15 dollars (which is a lot here...) running around for nothing. Haha, that day just seemed so weird beause I was expecting the meeting and then it didn`t happen...and then I expected money and it didn`t happen either...
Wednesday and Thursday went by fairly normally. We had a good meeting in Castilla on Thursday, where we were able to prepare for a musical number we`re going to perform next Friday. Very weird thing...I`m going to sing Alto! Never thought I`d say that, but with a choir full of elders and only two Hermanas, I got put in as an alto. Needless to say, we`re singing it about an octave lower. ;)

Friday were also just really strange...we had our weekly planning session, which went pretty well. We have a lot of investigators that are progressing slowly but steadily, and we just need to search for more that are ready! In the afternoon, things just got weird. We ended up only having one lesson that afternoon, where before we were planning on having four! Two of our investigators were just really sick, and then knocking doors we just didn`t seem to have any luck at all. The one lesson we did have was strange because the two girls in it just seemed to giggle the entire time. I`m pretty sure that they`re just snakes...we may not be visiting them much anymore! Saturday also was full of knocking doors. We had a lot of people giving us a lot of excuses for them not wanting to listen. We also just had a tough time trying to find people at home! In the evening, we were supposed to go out with Hermano Orlando Fasabi, our Mission Leader. He said he would meet us at 6:30 in our Pensionista`s house. So, we went there to wait, and he passed by about 6:40, but said he had to drop his daughter off at home and then he would be back. So...we waited...and waited...until about 7:30! Finally, we had to give up, so we ran to the local store to buy meat for Hermana Osario, our pensionista, so she could make us hamburgers. After a long search because we just couldn`t find the store, we came back with the meat. When we opened the package...the meat had mold all over it! So, instead of hamburgers, we ended up having rolls with a bit of ham on it for dinner. Not really the best end of a weekend!

After that kind of a bummer end of the week, and just the whole week in general, it was kinda a tough Sunday. I was assigned to give a talk on Missionary Work and how the members can help us. I`m honestly not really sure what I said. I had to plead with Heavenly Father that He would just help me put something together, and I went up there and something came out. I know that Heavenly Father was supporting me through it, because those weren`t my words that I was able to deliver. I really am learning so much more about how He supports us through everything. Times aren`t always the best. We don`t always have success and sometimes we feel a little down. However, He`s there to help, comfort, and support us through it all. I have a very strong testimony that He loves each and every one of us. He will do anything and everything He can in order to help us have eternal happiness in this life and in the life to come. I just hope and pray that somehow He can help me become someone that can help others to have this happiness.

Throughout this week, I`ve been amazed about how much I can go through and yet still be happy! Somehow, I still have something inside that is pushing me on. I know that it`s the Holy Ghost. Only the Holy Ghost could keep me going when times are rough, comforting me and letting me know that things are going to be alright. That`s what I want other people to have. They are passing through so many trials and afflictions, things that I simply could not imagine.

For instance, on Tuesday after we got back we were able to meet Ramos and Heydi. Ramos is 18 years old and Heydi just turned 17. She is pregnant, and they are now living together in his parents house. I couldn`t imagine having to face that sort of a challenge at the age of 18, let alone her having to have a baby at age 17. They are both Catholic, but I can tell they feel something is missing. He goes to church every Sunday, and told us he was going to come yesterday to our church, but he wasn`t able. However, when I was with him, I could just tell that this has to be weighing really heavily on his shoulders. Eighteen years old and he`s a father. He`s working as a fisherman, and is gone Monday through Friday, all day every day in the boat. We were talking a little bit about it, and he just kept saying how much better it is out there in the water, under the water especially, not having to be back here in reality. I can only imagine what his reality feels like.

Well, I have to go now. Just know that I love you all! the work goes forward, and remember that I am in His hands, and everything is going great!

Elder Schofield

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