Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christmas Week!!! - email from 12/31/2012

Well, it is official! I have now passed through my two Christmasses away from home!! Very hard to believe...and a very good thought. :) Honestly, this Christmas was one of the very best in some ways, but it was also one of the very hardest!

So on Christmas Eve, we got to go and be with the Elders from Buenos Aires, that are part of our District! It was a really fun night where we played Monopoly (I OWNED, just so ya know...), ate a HUGE Turkey with spaghetti noodles, and just had a really good time. It was nice to be with all the other elders during Christmas, because otherwise it would have been pretty boring!

On Christmas Day, I got to make my phonecall through Skype! It was a very emotional call after so long not seeing any of you girls or mom and dad. Haha, but I guess that`s the way it goes! It`s tough to be so far away, especially when our family is growing and changing so much together. However, this is what God wants. This is what the people of Peru and our family needs.

After the phone call, we had a District Meeting!! Talk about difficult...I hadn`t had much time to prepare and my whole district was basically walking like they were dead. Another tough part was that Elder De La Cruz was having a tough time...I could see it in his eyes, he was at the point of wanting to go home!

During a practice when Elder De La Cruz was supposedly an investigator, I was able to tell that I wasn`t teaching an investigator, I was teaching him. Thankfully, God somehow put some words into his mind as he listened, and he was able to recognize the importance of prayer, and received some comfort that way. However, what really saved Elder De La Cruz from going home was his family. Wherever they are, I hope they know that they were God`s hand. After talking with his family, he was ready to go again. :) We`re all passing through a tough time, and I am so grateful for the many people that are watching out for us and really conveying the love, concern, and councel of our Heavenly Father.

On the 26th, we went to Talara!!! Wow...I miss Talara!! I was even able to see my first pensionista, the Hermana Victoria Rosales!!! It was cool to talk to her, and hear about some of the success that Negritos will have! Since I left, they haven`t had a single baptism...but they should have had one this last weekend! Negritos now only has two missionaries due to the lack of support and makes me sad, but that`s the way it goes.

During the conference, President showed us the movie `Silent Night` about how the song was written. It just came out!!! Very weird to watch a REAL movie like was also an AWESOME film! I hope you all see it.

The 27th, I got to go to Piura! There we had a training meeting for the District Leaders. It was cool to see old companions there, Elder Ramirez, Elder Yupa, Elder Martinez, and others. I learned a lot about my responsabilities as well as how I can be a better leader. We also set monthly goals for this next year! Wow...has the mission changed! I think the people in our mission have changed, they`re just not as receptive. We need to build up the converts before we can see the success we had in baptisms again. I hope we can do that. Our goals have dropped from 4 baptisms a month to 2. That`s just a small taste of the changes this mission is seeing.

Well, I hope all is well with you. Remember that there`s at least one elder here in Peru that is praying for all of you! I love you tons, and hope all is well in this new year! Don`t forget to set spiritual goals, and really follow the spirit to do that. If you need some help setting great goals, Preach My Gospel has a great chapter about using time wisely and setting goals! I think that`s chapter 8!! you all so much! Keep up the letters please!! They mean more than you could ever know...

Elder Schofield

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