Thursday, February 14, 2013

Elder Schofield, tiene una nueva asignaciòn​... - email from 28 Jan 2013

Well, that makes the 3rd time that i`ve heard those words from President Rowley here in Pampa Grande! After just one change here as District Leader, I have been called as a Zone Leader! Needless to say, I was not expecting this. However, I know that God has prepared me, and with my desire to just be of service to him and other missionaries, i know that I will be able to help at least some of the elders, even if I don`t necessarily have the leadership experience.

It`s interesting how much I have changed here in Pampa Grande. I came here just trying to be a good Senior Companion and help Elder Panduro out. Later, I was called to Train! Talk about a challenge...I didn`t feel ready, especially in this area. The call came in a time when I was more depressed than ever! However, I accepted with faith that God would help me. Later, I was called as District Leader! Another shock...another responsability that quickly turned sour as i had the misfortune of sending Elder Santillan home. Recently, I found out that Elder De La Cruz, also a member of my district, has been sent home as well. Not an easy thing to comprehend! Thankfully, my companion is going great...I`ve learned a lot. now I am leaving here to become a Zone Leader!

I know that God puts challenges in our path for a reason. We are constantly being prepared. if you just let Him mold you, you can become His most beautiful creation. .)

So...with all of this happening, my week has also been completely fantastic! On Thursday, we ran into another great couple! They are super catholic, but I feel like God sent us at a perfect time. Their son has had drug and alcohol problems for a while, and we were able to help them see how God is really prepared to help them through a modern day prophet. They even came to church this Sunday!

It was very interesting in church because Raul and Enma received a call during Sunday School! They answered and I heard them tell the other person that they were in the `Mormon Church` and the other person began ridiculing us and telling lies about the church. It was super awesome to here Raul defend the church and basically tell the other person to go jump in a lake! ( sorry, had to use that English phrase.) It was cool, and I feel really great about them!

Marcos and Elizabeth are doing well as well! Unfortunately marcos didn`t make it to church Sunday...we left it to them to come, and he had to cross the border for some things and didn`t get back in time. however, Elizabeth came by herself with the kids!! That was huge for me because i was thinking that she still was a bit reserved for her Evangelical background. However, it appears that shes also serious about baptism!

Well, I don`t know where I`ll be next week! i`m pretty sure in piura again. i`ll miss the rain here and the people, but I`m excited for what lies ahead. Maybe I`ll be companions with Elder Turcious again!! he`s Zl in Sullana. i would love that. :)

Oh!! I need help too...send me some recipes that i can make for dinner! I`ll be cooking tomorrow!! Simple things...that will be quick and cheap. :)

Love you all!!
Elder Schofield


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