Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mini CCM!! What a week... email from 2/18/2013

This past week has been incredibly hectic, and the coming week will be even more crazy! Let me explain a bit...

So for the past 3 weeks we´ve been planning a one day MTC for the future missionaries in our ward. That has included visiting them, making sure that people are commited to bring them to church at 6 am on Saturday, and getting everything else prepared. Basically this whole past week we spent every spare moment visiting this future missionaries and coordinating with our Mission Leader! It´s been really hectic.

I must say, this ward is WAY more organized than Tumbes, Sechura, or Negritos. I am so grateful! Karina Flores, the daughter of our Ward Mission Leader, has been simply incredible! She basically organized the whole activity and gave us the responsabilities. Although we did not reach our goal of having 50 there, we had 37 and they had an AMAZING time!

Among other things, the youth were able to listen to the Stake President and President Rowley give talks. Both their talks focused on mission life and preparing. I found myself taking notes, trying to find ways to improve as well! The spirit was super strong. President Rowley even commented that in our ward there were more youth than there were in a similar stake activity that was going on at the same time! I felt good after that. :)

After having classes that the missionaries and RM´s taught, the youth went out on splits to find references for us. They had a TON of success! In just our area, we received 18 references! After, the youth came back and bore there testimonies. I felt the spirit stronger than I have in a very long time...I really saw how sacrifice and planning can make a huge difference in the lives of these young people.

After all of that, I had a talk on Sunday about how to share our testimonies. I had absolutely NO time to prepare this talk. However...for some strange reason, I felt like I had already been prepared. Thanks to some talks that Jen sent, I had been thinking a lot about the role of the Holy Ghost in gaining a personal testimony and sharing it with people.

When I stood up to give the talk, I felt the spirit enter my mind and heart with force. I just had to open my mouth and begin speaking. I spoke for only 9 minutes because the other missionaries had gone over on their time, but I felt the spirit SO strong. It really was an amazing experience where I was able to invite the people to put to test what it says in Moroni, read, ponder ,and pray! I shared how by just doing those simple things, we can develope a strong testimony that we won´t be able to resist sharing with other people.

There is not a better experience in the world. Feeling God work through you with the Holy Ghost is simply amazing. I was able to feel that more than once this week. Unfortunately my internet time doesn´t permit me to share everything with you all. Just know that I am learning so much about becoming an instrument in His hands.

Our Zone is doing ok. Honestly, we are passing through many challenges right now. I am trying to help out each district and missionary, one by one. At times, I feel like I can´t do much. I know that to be true! I can´t do anything by myself. What I try to do is just bring the spirit to everything I say and do. I´ve learned to stop stressing and just confide in the fact that God will take care of everything. I just have to look for the spirit and follow it. Every small act can lift a missionary and help him to become better.

Well, I hope you all know that I love you! Saludos a mi nuevo sobrino, Henry Jackson Bruton! It´s good to have one more member in the family. :) I can´t wait to meet him when I get home!

Love you all!!! Take care and remember that I´m praying for you!
Elder Schofield

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