Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Week as Zone Leader! Yay Piura! - Email from Feb 4, 2013

Well, I am FINALLY in Piura! It`s kinda funny, I`ve been in the Peru
Piura mission for 16 months now, but just recently have entered what
you would call the city of Piura. I really haven`t gotten to know it
at all until now!

I am in Tacalà, Miraflores, Piura! My companion is Elder Chinchay from
Lima, he was my District Leader in Sechura before! He`s super great
and only has two more changes left in his mission! I may be his last
companion, in fact, more than likely I will be! I`m super excited to
be here, and I know that being a Zone Leader is a great opportunity to
learn, grow, and serve the elders and sisters in my zone.

Our zone here is BIG! We have from Miraflores, which is a pretty rich
area, to Morropon! It`s a pretty big area to cover, with Morropon an
hour and a half bus ride from our area. Our area is huge as well! I
think that if I stay here 4 changes, I still won`t be able to meet all
the people! It`s a great area to work in, and the ward here seems to
be pretty good as well. There are 6 elders and 2 sisters in the ward!
I`m really excited to be working with them.

This week has really been a great experience. It`s different, being a
Zone Leader. We`re always running around with things to do, and we
have to really work hard to go out proseliting in the little time that
we have! We`ve had some success this week finding some great
investigators! Unfortunately, none of them made it to Sacrament
Meeting, but we had 3 come to the second hour of church! I was
pleasantly suprised because it was just after the first time we had
taught them!

This area has a lot more people that are receptive than Pampa Grande.
I feel blessed to be here. We had to work hard in Pampa Grande to have
just 2 or three lessons a day. We`ve had two days this week with SIX
lessons! It makes me feel like we`re actually able to help more
people. :)

Although Elder Chinchay and I are having great success. there is one
district in our zone that is struggling. They`re in the richer part,
so that`s part of the problem. Also, two of the sisters have been
sick, and also Elder Bricca, the DL, has been vomiting this week! They
haven`t had much success and seem a bit discouraged. With four sisters
in the`s tougher. For those of you RM`s that have
had sisters in your district or zone, you should understand. I LOVE
sisters. They are the best missionaries out there! However, I think
they could learn to be a bit less reliant on their leaders. I think
we`ve gotten a call from them every night this week...

That`s another I lost our cellphone. :( We were coming
back from an activity in Chulucanas (super beautiful city by the way!
Cleaner than any other town in Piura or Tumbes!) and the cellphone
disappeared from my pocket in the bus. I`m like 99 percent sure that
the man that sat next to me robbed me. :( All day today we`ve been in
the Police station filing the report so we haven`t had even five
minutes to go proseliting! We reported to the ofice and
everything...and it looks like we should have a new phone tomorrow,
but I do feel bad about it.

Anyway, that`s the life here in the mission! I love it...and am LOVING
the fact that we now cook breakfast and dinner! That means we can be
out later, we have time to do excersizes in the morning, and I can
learn to cook! If any of you have some SUPER cheap and quick recipes,
I`m game. :) I`m going to try to learn some peruvian foods
too...although my companion doesnt know how to cook hardly at all!
That`s ok. :) We`ll learn together!

Well, time`s up! I hope you all know that I love you! Take care of yourselves!!

Elder Schofield

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