Thursday, February 14, 2013

Crazy week of Meetings! - Email from 11 Feb 2013

Well, this week has sure been FULL of meetings!! I`m beginning to see
what it really means to be a Zone Leader. :) It`s a lot of fun, and a
lot of work!

This Tuesday we had our Consejo de Zona Meeting. It was a lot of fun!
I got to see Elder Turcios there again! I sure miss him...he`s the
best trainer anyone could ask for! We had a great time there, and I
learned a lot! There`s a lot that we need to do better here in the
mission, and we were able to learn a lot about our planning that we
need to do better. There`s not much time left here in the mission! We
need to take advantage of every opportunity to find, teach, and

After that, we had our meeting with the Stake President. WOW: I have
not been in a meeting that organized and brief since before my
mission! It was amazing to see how a meeting can be that way. I guess
that where the church is just beginning they don`t have much
leadership experience, but in Miraflores, there are 42 missionaries
for a reason! They`re helping us!

On Thursday, we had our Zone Meeting that Elder Chinchay and I put
together. It went really well, and President Rowley even came to
visit! We were able to talk about what we learned in Consejo de Zona
and helped the missionaries a bit. I felt kinda weird being there in
front of them as a ZL, because it was really the first time, and many
of them are from my same group! However, after just two minutes there
it just felt natural, and I became more focused in how to help the
elders and hermanas in our zone progress.

During the reunion, we noticed that Elder Bricca, who came to the
field with me, was a bit discouraged, so we decided to do a work
visit. I went to his area in Miraflores, where everyone is rich! He`s
down because they just aren`t having a lot of success finding people.
They work more with converts than they can with investigators because
of that. We talked about our difficulties in the mission. I really was
able to share my experiences from Pampa Grande-which really showed me
how God had prepared me to help other elders. More than anything, I
listened. It was a really great time, and we had success findin 3 new
great investigators! I think I was able to show him that you CAN have
success in that area. You just need to be happy and have a good
attitude. Before I left, Elder Bricca thanked me and said that the
work visit had really helped him. I just hope that they can continue
working hard and having success!!

After that...the stoves arrived!! about a lot of work! We
had to pull down about 100 fridges, stovetops, microwaves, blankets,
beds, bedframes, utensils, and everything else from a huge truck. Then
we organized it by zone, and then by area! It took a whole morning to
get everything ready and sent off to the areas. Haha, it was kinda
funny because everyone was so excited about the stoves coming, and
there were two Hermanas that took everything to their apartment except
the stove!!! It made us laugh, even though we had to wait an extra 20
minutes for them to come pick it up. :)

My last experience-because a lot happened this week! Was our Fireside
we had sunday afternoon. We`re planning a great activity, one day in
the MTC for this Saturday and this was the kickoff. We planned on
projecting a talk by Elder Holland to get people excited for it.
Well...everything came through...except the projecter! We didn`t have
it! Thankfully, last minute, we were able to find one. Then, as we got
everything just about set up...the power went away. We didn`t have
lights, fans, or ANYTHING, and it was 5 minutes after when we had said
it would start! I said a quick prayer and just felt that somehow
things would be ok. we kept going, trying to cover windows so that the
movie could be seen without the sunlight coming in. We got that all
done...but still didn`t have power. Finally, it got so late that we
decided to just have the speakers begin and maybe just leave it at

As the young man said the prayer, he prayed that the lights would come
on. As soon as he said amen, the lights flipped on. The fans started.
The computer came to life and we were able to see the video! Turns out
that it was better late, because if it had been earlier, the sunlight
would have destroyed our idea of having a projector! Heavenly Father
knew that, and that`s why He waited until that very moment. Also, I
imagine that this young man will never forget that moment, and the
fact that God can answer prayers in the very moment that we say
them-we only need to ask.

Well, I hope you all know that I love you!!! Take Care!
Elder Schofield

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