Thursday, February 14, 2013

Interviews, Rain, and CALOR!!!! (Heat!) - email from Jan 7, 2013

So I think we have officially entered the summer season here in Tumbes! I am DYING of heat! It is pretty intense! Today while I was eating my hot soup for lunch (weird, right?) I was sweating so bad that drops were falling from my arm to the floor. I`m pretty sure that wouldn`t happen very much in Utah at this time of year!!

The other really cool thing about Tumbes is the rain! It`s rained almost every day this week, even if it`s only been about 15 minutes. It`s quite strange to feel raindrops when the sun is blazing hot, but that`s the way it is! One day it poured pretty good, but they say it`s just beginning! Gotta love Tumbes!!

This week really was an important week for me, I think. We had a Zone Meeting on Wednesday where we talked about our goals as a mission. The mission has changed a LOT. Last year, we had the goal to teach 30 lessons a week and have 4 baptisms a month! Now, we have changed to just 2 baptisms a week! Quite a change, right? I feel like the people already know`s actually turning into a mission like the states! We really have to work with members.

After the meeting, President Rowley called Elder De La Cruz, whose from my district, into a different room to talk to him. At first, I thought it would have something to do with Elder Santillan because Elder De La Cruz was the last one to see him. However, it was something completely different!

When he walked out from talking with President, I knew something was wrong. We were on companion exchanges, so I went with Elder De La Cruz to his apartment. I simply asked if he was ok, and if I could do anything-I knew I really shouldn`t ask what President had said or anything, even though I knew Elder De La Cruz was bothered by it.

After spending almost an hour in the bathroom, Elder De La Cruz came out and just began telling me EVERYTHING that had happened. I was suprised, but he seemed to have a lot of confidence in me. After I found out that there was a rumor going around about him in another area, and that he was scared to be sent home for this rumor, I could understand his nervousness. Thankfully, God put the words in my mouth to help him out. He was super nervous, but I really did feel God working through me to help calm him more and put his trust in God and President Rowley as his leader.

It really was a good experience that helped me to see that maybe I was called as District Leader for a reason. I truly feel like it wasn`t a mistake that we had companion exchanges that day. I was able to help Elder De La Cruz, even if it was in just a small way.

The next day, we all had our interviews, Elder De La Cruz for the second time. Thankfully, everything went ok with him. The interview I had with President also went really well. He helped me to see that God really had put me in this situation and had placed confidence in me. President always supports me so much, and I`m very grateful for that.

On Friday, I got a call from President. He wanted me to have Elder De La Cruz call him. After talking to President, Elder De La Cruz called me completely freaking out! President told him that he had to come to Piura with all of his bags packed, everything ready to go! He thought he was going home!

After the rumor that had gone around, I honestly did believe he was getting sent home! I told him that we`d be over to give him a blessing before he left, which seemed to calm him a bit. I couldn`t believe that I was going to send 2 elders home in my first change as District Leader!! was a false alarm! Haha, Elder De La Cruz called President again because he was so worried and got the news that he was going to be the next Personal Secretary to the President. BIG relief! It does mean that my district has now been downsized to four...which is kind of lame, but that`s cool!

I know that this really is God`s work. Things happen for a reason. I don`t know why we have to go through so many struggles to learn and grow, but we do! I have learned a ton in these four weeks, and I know that I will just keep learning.

I hope this email makes sense...I`m finding it harder and harder to express myself! One day I`ll have to learn how to write in English again. :)

Love you all so much! Hope you have a great January!!!

Elder Schofield

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