Monday, April 15, 2013

Huge Changes . . . and another one bites the dust! - email from March 11, 2013

So! This week may have seen the biggest change of my entire mission! I know I`ve said that like three times in the mission...but it`s true! President Rowley continues to receive revelation concerning the work here, and we continue making big changes in order to do God`s will. This week we saw a huge change in the Key Indicators that we report.

So, for those of you who may not know, we normally report Baptisms, Confirmations, Investigators with Baptismal dates, Attendance, Lessons with Members, Other Lessons, Progressing Investigators, Refrences Received and Contacted, New Investigators, and Less Active Lessons.

That`s a lot. Now look at what President has changed! As of last Tuesday, we only report: Baptisms, Confirmations, Investigators with Baptismal Dates, Attendance, Lessons with Members, New Investigators, and Less Actives.

That`s actually a HUGE change for us!!! That means that we can go out tracting, knock on a door, teach a lesson, and we don`t even report that to President! It`s really going to be huge for the mission. It makes us all just super devoted to working with members, something that Piura really needs right now, to work with members.

The other change we`re putting into effect is making daily contacts with investigators. Every single day, we`re contacting them in some way, be it a phone call, a short visit, a lesson, a member that drops by, or whatever it is! Before, we could set up two appointments a week with investigators! Now, we see or hear from them every day! It`s also a VERY big change in the mission, but something that will help us tremendously.

I know that President Rowley received this revelation from God. In just this week, our sacrament meeting attendance DOUBLED in the zone! DOUBLED! We went from 12 to 24! Also, Elder Chinchay and I were able to see true miracles.

One of our investigators, Manuel, has been making a ton of progress. From the first lesson we knew that he was a golden. We challenged him to be baptised and he accepted a baptismal date for the 24th. However, this week something big happened. If it hadn`t been for working with members and contacting him daily, I`m sure that he would have been lost.

He has been so excited about the church that on Facebook he put his religious status as Mormon, before even being baptised! That`s really good, but also opened up the huge can of worms of anti mormon propaganda. After reading a bunch of lies about the church, he was super confused. However, we had set up that a member was going to visit him that very day. When Santiago got there, Manuel was able to tell him about his doubts and everything. Santiago talked to him for a bit and later sent him some talks from President Hinckley. It was truly a lifesaver, and Manuel has kept going super excited and learning a ton.

I know that God really is helping our investigators to progress. Seriously, I have seen it so many times, and I know that by making daily contacts we`ll be able to see a lot more people progress and be baptised.

I also had the priviledge of seeing a missionary go home after completing two years in his mission. It was actually kinda sad for me because I know that that time is coming quickly...going home can`t be easy, even though it`s also a very exciting time! Elder Altamirano kept working until the end, which I was very impressed by. were changes! However, I will be staying here in Tacala! I also will have the honor of killing Elder Chinchay! That means that I get to see another Elder finish his mission here! I just hope he doesn`t get too trunky and that I don`t either. I guess that`s part of the mission, constantly trying to focus in and really take advantage of every moment.

Sorry that this email really confusing. I`m having a hard time focusing! So many things to do and think about. Haha, I guess that`s part of being a Zone Leader many things!!!

Well, I hope that all is well with you! Take care of yourselves!!

Elder Schofield

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